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CERisE's Testing for L

(or, how I learned to stop worrying and use LJ)

Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction
14 February 1980
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I make the World's Greatest Hot Chocolate, and in one obscure case, the World's Worst Tea.
68k, academia, acting, aeon flux, alcohol, anime, arcades, art, ascii, atari, atheism, backgammon, bad religion, beos, c, cancelled tv shows, cars, cats, cheesy special effects, chemistry, cherry soda, cheshire cat, computers, creationism, cyberpunk, cypherpunk, dancing, dead kennedys, doom, doonesbury, driving, earthworm jim, escher, evangelion, fantasy, firefly, forth, freakazoid, freebsd, gaming, geekiness, geeking out, geeks, gentoo, george plimpton, girls, h.p. lovecraft, hack, hack the planet, ham radio, hardware, hockey, horror flicks, hot chocolate, hurd, intelligence, intelligent design, irony, john woo, kevin smith, kung fu fighting, language, linguistics, linux, lizards, logan whitehurst, los angeles, love letters, m*a*s*h, martial arts flicks, meat, mirrorshades, movies, music, neil gaiman, nightmare before christmas, nintendo, nonsense, ohmygodimonfire, old computers, operating systems, orson welles, out of control, penguins, philip k dick, philosophy, photography, phreak, physics, pink floyd, pizza, poetry, politics, portishead, psychology, punk rock, queen, quentin tarantino, radio, relativity, road trips, roleplaying, rpg, rudy rucker, sarcasm, sci-fi, science fiction, scott weiland, sega, sense of humor, shakespeare, sims, slackware, software, space, spaceship one, spock's beard, stanley kubrick, star trek, star wars, subcultures, superheroes, suzanne vega, the far side, the gibson, the junior science club, the maxx, the outer limits, the princess bride, the sexchart, the simpsons, the tick, the twilight zone, they might be giants, tori amos, trust, tv, uplink, vanilla the plastic snowman, vertigo, wearable, william gibson, wit, words, writing, x86, you, z80