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Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

And after that flurry of posting -- a real post.

I still owe rockanachronism one at that!

Anyway, we went to B- and J-'s wedding today. B- is a friend of mine from college, many many years ago. I met him in an interesting way. A friend of mine (Devin) from community college had gone up to Santa Cruz the year before me and come back the following year. He decided it wasn't really for him. I had already planned on transferring up there and went the year he came back. He emailed people he knew and let them know I was coming which made the transition nice. B- happened to be one of those friends.

He went elsewhere for grad school and we lost touch while he was working hard. I managed to track him down and visit once about 3 years ago. After grad school, he cashed in on a recruitment bonus by selling me out to his company's HR department which became my last job. It was unquestionably a good thing for me -- it was the beginning of getting me out of Santa Cruz and a nice part of my resume. He moved on after a while. Somewhere in this time, he was engaged to J- which he never actually told me about. I remember walking over to his office and razzing him about it -- it wasn't a surprise in the least. They'd been together the entire time I'd ever known him.

The drive was entertaining mostly. We got caught in hopeless traffic which took up the extra time I'd planned and ended up arriving just a tad late -- about 10 minutes. We got there just in time to see the bride and groom walking up to the altar.

It was a true California wedding, held on a precipice overlooking the sea. The ceremony was short and simple. The food divine. The bride and groom were marvelous together and looked marvelous together. Their first dance was amusing to watch -- it looked almost algorithmic and he nearly tripped over her train at one point, but the feeling was there. That's what counted.

The folk at our table were fun. Two were coworkers of B, one was a fellow grad student. It took a little bit of doing to break the ice, but once we had, we were going quite well. According to B- and J-, we were the party table. Those able quaffed a fair amount of alcohol. I'd have joined them, but alas -- I had to drive.

I nearly caused a bit of a stir with B-'s father's girlfriend by knocking vegans. This was on the heels of recounting my cheeseburger story. She's apparently a vegetarian. I didn't think of a response quickly enough, but one of the people that was with me (the one person I knew before getting there apart from B- and J- said "I'm sorry to hear that."

We were seated at table 6, something we had considered to possibly not be a coincidence. I asked B- and he botched the reference. He started to say that it was the answer from the Hitchhiker's Guide which was, of course, incorrect. I'd told him about the Prisoner before, but he'd forgotten. On that note, I've promised him the box set. That way, if he doesn't like it, he can give it back to me 8)

Not too much else. Lots of car talk at our table -- it seems to be a lot of my conversations these days because I almost inevitably end up talking about my MR2. Apparently B- and friends go karting every so often. I believe I'll be seeing them on the track. It's somewhat safer than zipping around roads in my car and a lot less expensive if the worst happens, I suppose. Still, I can't imagine that it'll be anything even approximating the same.

The wedding cake was kinda interesting. It looked like a bunch of cloth packages stacked on top of each other. It was all edible though -- good stuff, as I mentioned.

All of this was somewhat filed away for our own plans -- we're aiming for October or November. With this motivation, we just might get it together. J- and B- have offered their newfound expertise in the area several times. We really need to take them up on that. If nothing else, then for the excuse to see them.

One last note. Because there was a valet service, some random valet guys became the first people apart from myself to drive the car since I've owned it. Regrettable after a fashion, but not a big deal.

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