Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

(16:32:06) CERisE8192: The board?
(16:32:11) CERisE8192: It's a Tyan Thunderbolt.
(16:32:14) CERisE8192: 440 GX chipset
(16:33:46) Alex: any particular occasion?
(16:34:14) CERisE8192: Yeah...The old one died.
(16:34:36) CERisE8192: Before today, l was down week and a half?
(16:34:48) Alex: oh man
(16:34:58) CERisE8192: some of the capacitors were bad and wiped out the board.
(16:35:08) CERisE8192: also took out one of my NICs as collateral damage
(16:35:14) Alex: =/
(16:35:19) Alex: what were u doing to it?
(16:35:54) CERisE8192: Nothing.
(16:36:00) CERisE8192: That's caused by substandard caps =/
(16:36:36) Alex: i had a MB go down on me before
(16:36:42) Alex: mine was far more... entertaining
(16:36:44) CERisE8192: Wow. Was it good for you? ; )
(16:36:48) Alex: haha
(16:37:04) Alex: by MB i mean megababe
(16:37:18) CERisE8192: Nice try, jocko.
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