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Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction


I started the new job yesterday. It rocks hard. It's a cube farm, but no one really cares what you're doing. We're all on AIM and everyone here is really cool.

And I'm sitting a cube away from the aforementioned man himself!!! 8)

Anyway, I have a copy of the source for the product, so I'm reading through it and figuring things out. The boss man took me and a few other engineers out for lunch. They had a fantastic steak sandwich, I've gotta say.

We've sort of moved, but not really. We have our place in Santa Cruz until the 15th and the official move is _probably_ this weekend (there's a sort of odd snafu with the moving company).

By moved, I mean that after game night (the night before my first day), we threw the mattress, clothes, two computers, and speakers into the car and have been living in the new place on the bare minimums -- which is still quite cozy and fun.

The kittens have been living with stonesundial and babe_of_beyazit -- which has sucked, but it'll make the move a lot better. We won't have to worry about leaving the door wide open for the movers. We visited them on Monday. They immediately came out of hiding and were in a fun, playful mode. Apparently, for the half hour after we left, they were in the front windows mewing for us to come back.

I don't look forward to driving them to the new place. They hated the ride down. Tera whined in most pathetic ways on the way to stonesundial's place. I imagine more of the same for the 1.5 hour ride up.

I _do_ look forward to having them in the new place. I miss them so much =(

No net at home, yet. b is still living in Santa Cruz. Speakeasy should be on it and we should have phone service by now.

Last week, we were in Rhode Island. I met relsqui's grandparents. It surprised me how entirely undifferent it was with respect to here. Very little in the way of accents, though I heard it a bit. The license plate game _rocks_ out there. 8) I <3 small states 8)

Had lobster for the first time -- I didn't take on a real one, just lobster bits in a sandwich of sorts at the fabled Champlain's. Good stuff.

Her grandparents are nice folk. Grandma was an aggressively good host. Grandpa seemed well. I would've liked to chatter with both of them more, but there were things to do.

relsqui got a dress. Y'know. The dress. More details on her LJ which I am carefully avoiding.

We met haplo3k and fusilliban and had fun at the Boston science museum. The highlight of which was an electricity show involving the world's largest air-insulated Van de Graff generator. Truly impressive stuff. A (much) smaller one was pressed into service after the show to make my hair stand on end and zap gullible willing little kids with electricity.

At one point, haplo3k was playing with an ECG. I sneaked up behind her, clapped her on the shoulders, and yelled. She leaped about a foot in the air with predictable amusing effects on her pulse rate and blood pressure. 8)

They also had a scaled out 'model' of the solar system. One of the domes at the museum was the sun. Mercury was out in the lobby. Pluto was somewhere across town.

Some other time, we'll have to do Duck Tours.

There were a number of kinetic sculptures out there like the one outside the Tech Museum in San Jose. Supposedly two at Logan International (we saw one) and another at the Science Museum. We took photos and video which may or may not have come out -- we haven't really checked yet.

We decided that haplo3k and fusilliban really need to come to game night somehow. Good folk, good times.

That's the short version of the stuff I can think of at the moment. More later. I'll be on LJ at work until we get net at home.
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