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Man, I am redefining "zombie". I'm so out of it right now.… - CERisE's Testing for L

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May 1st, 2006

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12:34 pm
Man, I am redefining "zombie". I'm so out of it right now.

relsqui recounted pretty much everything in her post here about the trip to LA. A couple of worthy notes:

Heard Dave Barry, Amy Tan, and the rest of the Rock Bottom Remainders while we were at the festival. We also thoroughly pwned a couple of the big whiteboard crossword puzzles they had around the festival. Lots of walking. There was still stuff I didn't get a chance to see that I wanted to see. Such is life. 8)

At Castle Park, I played possibly my best game of mini-golf ever. 1 under par. My nearest competition was 9 strokes behind me. The Initial D arcade game is strangely addicting, despite the totally fake physics (4WDs don't really drift, for example).

The drive through the pass was _awesome_. I'm still kicking myself for having taken one turn incorrectly. It was a 15 mph U. I hit it at about 35 or so and my front end slipped a little going around it (the left tire had picked up a little bit of mud on the last turn). I ended up having to hit the brakes and go around it at ~20 or so. Nothing I couldn't handle, but a little disappointing to break up my rhythm like that.

Anyway -- I just spent the last hour looking up PS2s and PSPs. I could get a PS2 + mod chip + Initial D Special Stage (the version 2 arcade game). I could wait for the PS3, spend way more, and get Special Stage (no need for a mod chip since it'll be regionless). Alternatively, I could get a PSP with Initial D Street Stage (the version 3 arcade game -- we played at Castle Park) for fairly cheap. However, according to cmoog, the controls are very cramped. There are external controls and a PSP-TV converter, but I'm still a bit hesitant. I wonder if the PS3'll play PSP games.

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