Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

And in other news....

I found out today that the yield of a ton of TNT is approximately 999331.231489 Calories (as opposed to calories).

This realization led me to some quick calculations:
1) there's 31.2291009 Calories per ounce of TNT.
2) the RDA for your average 6 foot human who exercises somewhat is 2000 Calories (or 2 megacalories).

Some quick divison implies that you should consume just over 4 lbs. of TNT a day (approx. 64.0428300 ounces). I don't think I eat 4 lbs. of food a day, therefore the food I eat has a higher energy density than TNT.

Moreover, a can of Cherry Coke (not my drink of choice, but one immediately nearby) is 150 Calories (or 12.5 Calories per fluid ounce). This implies that some 2.4983280 fluid ounces of Cherry Coke is equivalent to an ounce of TNT. Now if only I had a digital scale to translate fluid ounces.

testing4l: What trips me out is that I don't think I eat >4 lbs of food a day
zweeb: ah, so the energy content of a bacon double chese burger is higher per gram than TNT
testing4l: That doesn't seem right to me.
zweeb: its revelations like these that make my friendship with you rewarding =)
testing4l: I mean, at the nuclear level, sure
testing4l: Umm....thanks, I think?
zweeb: hahaha
zweeb: lets face it, who else that i know is going to come up with that kind of conclusion?

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

The Tsar Bomba was the largest yield fusion bomb built in the days where "megaton lag" meant something. It achieved some 2 MT output per metric ton, though in theory could have achieved approximately double had there not been fallout concerns (thus the third stage was made of lead instead of depleted uranium). The Mk-41 wasn't as large, though it achieved a much better output of 5.2 MT per metric ton. In theory, though the fusion weapons have an upper limit of 6 MT per metric ton.

So, in Calories per ounce (1 MT = 1000000 tons of TNT = 999331231489.4 Calories and 1 metric ton = 2240 lbs. = 35840 oz.):
The Tsar Bomba achieved 55766251.7572209 Calories per ounce (or ~56 gigacalories)
The Mk-41 achieved 144992254.5687745 Calories per ounce (or ~145 gigacalories)
The theoretical yield would achieve 167298755.2716629 Calories per ounce (or ~167 gigacalories)

Using that measure, as little as .0000119 oz. up to .0000358 oz. would deliver your daily amount of Calories, though I'm pretty sure that a fusion bomb of that size would most likely be the last thing you ate that day...or ever.

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