Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

First off - Silly meme.

Last night was Philday celebration part one. My workplace is observing Philday today, so I'm at home and enjoying life.

Highlights of last night --
0) Returning from an awesome trip to Sacramento which relsqui planned out. Details of that will be in the next post.
1) A metric ton of people showing up. zweeb, philled2thebrim, greenbuttercup, koneko666, theotherchicago, Lilah, knight3d, joeyclaren, relsqui, danaewinters, Ctrl, Jessica, Stephanie, Aram, paxsboy, and babe_of_beyazit. Seriously -- thanks to all for showing up and making an entertaining evening 8)
2) A surprisingly effective game of team Nanofictionary detailing origins of Philday (minus zweeb and danaewinters). Video coming soon!
3) A gift certificate to Atlantis Fantasyworld (a local comic store) from danaewinters & J, a 1 gig SD card from zweeb, the already-opened presents from relsqui (A new & functional digital camera (with video capability), a utilikilt, more Kenshin manga), the first box set of GTO, and the yet-to-arrive Osborne Executive round out this year's tribute to date. Thank you so very much 8)
4) Two of my favorite waitresses at Tiny's on shift that night (L & S).

Milkshakes and a brief game of Lunch Money rounded out the evening. It made for something in the neighborhood of 5 and a half hours (I think we left at 11:30-ish. relsqui says 12) of great fun!

All in all, a wholly enjoyable evening with wholly enjoyable people -- I couldn't possibly ask for more.

0. Woke up this morning and watched the remainder of Initial D Stage 2.

1. My officemate who has been on a leave of absence of late mailed me and asked what my plans are for lunch tomorrow. It sounds as though my plans have been made 8)

2. lishd has been taunting me for weeks about the gift she's going to give me. She pasted the cron line into her AIM session which was:
0 3 14 2 * /bin/cp /home/crank/forphil.gif /var/www/forphil.gif

I couldn't help but notice that up to the *, that's an approximation for pi. 8)

3. I had a friend tell me in all seriousness that I removed years of worry from her.

I'm going to be up at midnight for the rollover. I'll be at SMAUG for part of the evening, of course. I also set up a counter.
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