Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

The quote goes something like this...

Some time ago, I had a dream in which everyone on LiveJournal had clearly gone insane for a day. Nobody posted about the stuff they usual do; instead, there were bizarre religious conversions for the previously-agnostic, sordid tales of perversity from the normally-vanilla, impulsive and even reckless life changes from the usually-responsible, clearly hallucinatory transformations of space and time from the completely-sober. It was a bizarre and baffling thing to read, as my friends scattered to foreign countries to pursue ridiculous careers and cavorted with assassins and joined shadowy cults and confessed to behaviors and experiences that were shocking, bizarre, unsettling: in a word, unexpected. And as difficult to understand as it was at the time, I was more than a bit sad to wake up and realize that it had been a dream, and I thought: Why not try to have a day like that for real?

So a year ago, on the 173rd birthday of Lewis Carroll, author of ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND and THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, was the First Annual LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day. The premise was this: For a whole day, experience some other life, perhaps in some other place or time, or perhaps as some other person. Alice chased a white rabbit down a hole and found herself in a world where none of the rules could be relied on; why not do the same?

Now it's that time again; Carroll's birthday is a week away. When you wake up on the 27th, instead of writing about your usual work and school and politics and friends and relationship and stuff, experience life down the Rabbit Hole and write about the work, the school, the politics, the friends, the relationships, the stuff that you find there instead. Travel through time. Turn into an animal. Flee from mysterious assassins. Conquer Greenland. Sprout some extra limbs. Talk to your goldfish. Learn how to walk on water.

Take a break from the Every Day and write about your Rabbit Hole Day. Your normal life will be waiting for you when you get back.

If you decide to come back.

Meme it on, folks ; ) I've got a few ideas for this year.
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