Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Happy New Years!

And stuff. We're going to Sarah and Joe's party. They're game night folk and I imagine that some gaming will occur at the least.

philled2thebrim is nice enough to drive, so I may have a bit more to drink than I'd plan on if I were driving.

Events of recentness -- Spent a lot of 2 days ago at the hospital getting my eye taken care of. I managed somehow to get something really deep in and scrape against my cornea. The pain I was having was decided to be bacterial in nature, so I'm taking eyedrops. There's no long-term effect, which is nice.

While being examined, the doctor said that my eyes were beautiful and apparently my lenses are in better condition than most. There's a silly measure of pride to be taken there.

I got suckered into a tetanus booster as well (since I couldn't remember my last one). My left shoulder is feeling the effects.

Ugh. Shoot me if I ever need contacts. Nothing could possibly be worse for me. Well. Maybe some things. Well, OK, maybe a lot of things, but it seems to tie into my fear of water. According to relsqui, I'm getting better at taking them. I don't _feel_ better at taking them, but my eyes do feel better. So there's something to that at least.

I have plans and decisions this coming year. lishd is looking for friends in Seattle in July. We may be there. Los Angeles is still calling me though. Since the new year seems to have both of my sisters moving up here, it may be smarter to heed that call. While I've had an interesting relationship with my parents, it might just be the right thing to do.

Either way, I plan on moving out of my current place. There's a new annoyance to fight about it -- assigned parking (and somehow, we only have one place...). I'm considering removing the numbers above our parking space and pulling a Stallman type maneuver (e.g. passwords are easy to break, so why have one? Assigned parking is stupid, so why have it?).

I have four major resolutions this next year. Read more books, listen to more music, code more, exercise more.

I'm not doing too badly with music given my commute time, but it's still not enough. I don't listen to nearly as much as I used to and the radio can be limiting.

Books I've been horrible with (mostly due to my recent project and it's distant, forgotten past-deadline). The new year will bring me a new project though and my section manager tells me it'll be a much better one for me. I believe it, but mostly because my optimism won't allow me to believe that I'll have someone else ask me what an unsigned int is. My credentials are still processing and I should have a decision on that by the end of this year which will probably open up a lot more projects for me. In turn, that should open up financial possibilities.

Since Xmas brought me more books, I have a great need to hammer down more reading.

I plan to code more on the side. I very nearly started to work on a physics engine. I have a personal goal to have that done by March. That includes tracking of elementary particles, parallel execution of functions on those particles (e.g. gravity), and per-particle functionality (e.g. electrons changing shells release energy).

At some point, I intend to make a basic physics engine based on Newton's laws and use it to demonstrate some of the places he was wrong. It'll also be the push I need to dig more into physics.

Exercise more! I am the very definition of pathetic. I work somewhere that has a gym on campus and I don't use it! I've put on some weight and it's been my alarm to eat a little better.

In any event, the kittens are glad to have us back again as we've been up in Berkeley since yesterday. We brought home a cat tree for them. They're still sniffing around it, but I'd be surprised if they're not regularly hanging out on it in a few days. As I write this, Tera is flopped out on relsqui's lap. She's almost liquid the way her legs ooze out from under relsqui's arms.

philled2thebrim just arrived. The time has come to ring in the new year and wring the neck of the old one ; ) Actually, last year was pretty good, all things considered. Either way, out it goes. No year gets longer than 365.25 days and that's final!

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