Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

(12:58:04) Me: Your villanelle is nearing completion. It was fun, that's your redemption.
(12:58:25) greenbuttercup: sexcellent. i just check lj.
(12:58:41) Me: I've not posted it yet, so don't yet recheck and fret.
(12:58:55) greenbuttercup: ^checked. i won't for awhile.
(12:59:48) Me: In that case, your internet addiction, I'll not aid. Check before game night so your memory of it won't fade.
(13:00:16) greenbuttercup: good one, and i will
(13:00:57) greenbuttercup: play a nice long game of illuminati for me!
(13:01:22) Me: You'll be there tonight, won't ya? Or are you back home in fake Canada?
(13:01:35) greenbuttercup: i'm back home, i went back last week
(13:02:08) Me: Such a shame! We'll miss you, our sweet. We'll sadly pass the weeks until again we meet.
(13:03:05) greenbuttercup: nice. be sure to speak like that next time game night i'm in SC

A friend of mine recently lost a family member. Someone else posted something that I thought worth responding to. I've quoted the necessary bit (as I did in the post).

Maybe you can find another family member to sit and talk with, to share stories with. If not, well I say we have 2 families; the one we are born into and the one we find. Tell us your stories here, we'd be happy to read them.

Well put. And if nothing else, it'll serve to put those memories in some retrievable form.

I thought about my maternal grandmother on the drive home. She passed away the night after thanksgiving last year. Because she was really the only one left in the family who might have a ghost of a chance of identifying some of the pictures around, my sister would occasionally push her to sit down and go through some of them.

She was never really up to it. It was always too late or some such. I still think about that shoebox of pictures of people likely lost to time now and deeply regret it.

Even if you post them privately, I cannot recommend committing memories of your aunt to a semi-permanent format highly enough. Now's as good a time as any.

Every so often, I feel that Orson Scott Card was right in his Ender's Game series. I've come to the belief that we have a profound responsibility to speak for the dead.

The poetry meme continues. I've nearly completed the villanelle. I feel sufficiently capable of emulating Robert Service for level_head's request. I discovered a few really neat things about the 2.6 kernel, the /proc filesystem, and

All in all, I'm having a pretty darn good day!
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