Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

The City of Santa Cruz chooses whiney, special-interest groups over common sense, decency, and science....AGAIN!

Holy crap, giant squid! tours

In response, one of my friends proved he can't type _or_ spell:
(13:30:27) A: i dont think i've ever driven 25
(13:30:44) A: parapheases samma hagar
(13:30:53) A: "iiiii cant drive, 25!"
(13:31:08) Me: man, your typing _really_ sucks 8)
(13:31:56) A: i only mispelled paraphrases
(13:32:04) A: a common are->e
(13:32:38) Me: It only took you 8 words to screw up and most of them were <=3 letters
(13:32:38) A: uhm "are" should be the letter by the same sound
(13:32:42) Me: also: misspelled 8)
(13:32:58) A: hehe that i knew

I just had a really yummy (free) lunch of burrito & chips. The burrito's cilantro was apparently all at the end, so I ate 7/8 before having to put it aside.

Lunch had an talk about an embedded system company working on a RISC processor with software definable macro instructions. It just goes to show that people who give talks are always behind on technology. Intel's been doing that since the Pentium III at least.
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