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Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

random snippets of posts that could really be tied together, but I can't be bothered right now.

First off, Peter Jennings. What a damn shame. He was such a useful human being and it sucks completely that he's gone. He was one of the few talking heads who didn't merely read the news, but reported it. I really regret having not gone to LA a year ago to hear him in conversation with someone-or-other that I've forgotten. His voice will always remind me of being ~10 and walking into my parents' bedroom. My dad was in the habit of watching World News Tonight every night. His voice has a strong association with "important stuff" to me. My dad always held a bit more respect for him because of one particular instance a while ago. I guess he was reporting in South Africa and the operator came on the telephone while he was on camera to reclaim the line. The official language of South Africa is, of course, Afrikaans which no one speaks, so naturally none of the techs have any idea what's being said. Peter Jennings said to the camera "One moment", turned, took the phone, and spoke to the operator in at least passable Afrikaans and told him that they were a Western news agency and they still needed the line.

How many other people on television show that sort of capability? Probably not many.

So, ever since 6/10/2005 @ 5:57pm, I've had this weird script (as in writing, not as in shell) on my whiteboard. People have come by, cracked jokes about what it says, and so on. I just figured it out today.

Hi sweetheart!  I hope
you are having an excellent day.
Let me know when you get this.

It was fiendishly difficult because it was enciphered in one of relsqui's famous character sets and slightly poor choice of characters.

The deputy director of my division came by a few days ago to say "hi". The company's really big on the important people going around and seeing the troops every so often. So he apologized for having taken so long to introduce himself and we started chatting. In making chatter, he asked how long we'd been at the company. My officemate answers and they chat for a bit. Meanwhile, I realize that I have no idea how long, so I adjust my time script and hit enter at just about the time he turns to ask me. So I answer "About 2 months and 25 sidereal days. Approximately 22.8% of a standard orbit around the sun." He asks how I came up with that number. I answer: "Well, I wrote a script."

He said "I was afraid of that..."

California Extreme was awesome. Here's some photos that weren't mine. Met a guy who helped organize Picn*x. I'll be seeing him on Sunday for the event (the 14th anniversary of the Linux kernel is nigh!).

While talking to #8 about relationship problems:
(10:23:22) CERisE8192: Yeah. =/ All the good one's are taken when you're \(imminently\)\? single.
(10:24:26) #8: one's?!?!!
(10:24:30) CERisE8192: ack
(10:24:32) #8: i have never seen you misuse an apostrophe
(10:24:34) #8: omg
(10:24:37) #8: life is over
(10:24:39) ***#8 dies.

relsqui's commentary on that:
(10:26:30) relsqui: *g*
(10:26:47) relsqui: what I love is that you got the apostrophe wrong but the backslashes right 8)

In my defense, I was coding. C tends to take over the language centers of the brain. =/

In Ultimate news, I'm looking into OSKit's driver interface. It'll use both FreeBSD and Linux drivers, so I can write a wrapper around that and use all their hard earned work. That should speed up what's starting to meld itself into a releasable form.

Lastly: My officemate had a dollar bill on his monitor. I had no idea why. There was a small exchange of cash a while ago when a guy who was hired at the same time as J- called asking if he still shared an office with a Unix guru. So J- asked how much my office phone number was worth to him and he said .25c, apparently. So J- gave him my number and I found out it was a guy who's on my programming team. Anyway, I helped him out and he dropped a quarter on J-'s desk.

J- later called up and said "Your payment has been received and your account credited. It's been a pleasure doing business with you." We both had a good laugh as soon as J- hung up the phone.

Anyway, I assumed that the dollar bill was somehow a part of that, but I asked anyway. Turns out that J- found it in the hallway on the way to work and suspected that it belonged to one of the two ladies down the hall. So he goes down there and asks them and one of them apparently claims it. I hear all this and come by at the tail end of that conversation and say, "Hey, J-...did you find something in the hallway? I think I dropped something."

So he says: "Well, can you describe it?"
"Sure, it's green, kinda paperlike, but not quite. It has 1's in the corners and a picture of a president on it."
So the lady pipes up and says "Oh yeah? Which president?"
"Ahh, OK. So what's the serial number?"

Now, I'd meant to take a closer look at it the whole day and memorize the serial number (how funny would that've been?), so I took a guess:
"Well, it started with G...."
"Nice try. You're already wrong."

We had a good laugh about it. We're all reasonably good natured folk. ; )

And in direct contrast, I had this quote from fortune:

Violence stinks, no matter which end of it you're on. But now and then
there's nothing left to do but hit the other person over the head with a
frying pan. Sometimes people are just begging for that frypan, and if we
weaken for a moment and honor their request, we should regard it as
impulsive philanthropy, which we aren't in any position to afford, but
shouldn't regret it too loudly lest we spoil the purity of the deed.
-- Tom Robbins

Tom Robbins has always held a special place in my heart. #8 insisted on comparing us to the princess and bomber in Still Life with Woodpecker.
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