Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Well...This is embarrassing...

For those of you doing detective work and trying to figure out connections between people, stonesundial is relsqui's sister. relsqui is, of course, my very lovely gf.

stonesundial: you there?
(23:51:14) CERisE8192: yep
(23:51:50) stonesundial: at the northeast corner of Sacramento & University Ave (if you get off I-80 at University, it's the last big intersection before MLK), there's a 7-11, which sells
(23:52:14) stonesundial: vanilla ice cream. If you got a pint or so, there'd be something good to put it on. I'll say no more.
(23:52:29) stonesundial: course you'd have to leave pretty soon.
(23:52:31) CERisE8192: Hmm, well, I AM bringing relsqui along...
(23:54:00) stonesundial: [btw, this is Mom speaking]
(23:54:15) CERisE8192: ....thanks for telling me....
(23:54:19) CERisE8192: *blushes*

Postscript: I just got this one:

(00:03:22) stonesundial: mom again
(00:03:35) CERisE8192: ?
(00:03:45) CERisE8192: and thanks for warning me this time ; )
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