Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Not much these days. Life is more or less business as usual.

Anime Expo is this weekend. If anyone else is going, we'd really dig splitting a room 8) relsqui and I'll hop in the Shuttle (my '91 Aerostar which bears resemblances to ST:TNG's shuttlecraft) to spend the weekend there. That's in Anaheim, so I'll pass through LA briefly at least. I miss it down there. =/

On the plus side, moving down there is a definite possibility in the reasonably distant future, thanks to a recent company acquisition.

I took the day off of work yesterday to handle registration, insurance, and get new front tires on the car. Those weren't far off from being good only for holding the car off the ground.

For any Ultimate OS fans, I've been working on a basic hardware simulator with which to run the bits I have of Ultimate. I elected not to go with bochs or any of the other ones because I don't want to start seriously writing device drivers yet.

I took the time to call my mom yesterday. Found out that my eldest sister is breaking up with her girlfriend of ~8 years or so and has decided that she's upset with me for some entirely unknown reason. As is my usual way of dealing with these matters, I've determined this to be her problem. When she wants it solved, she can either get over herself or tell me what the problem is. I'm not picky ; )

relsqui has started with REAL programming again. Threads & sockets. One of the normal SMAUG folk mentioned that he thought the stuff we were talking about (thread pools and signals mostly) was "pretty heavy stuff". Still, it's nice to see her doing some good stuff. She insists that it's because I want her to work on Ultimate, although I can't think of much farther from the truth at the moment. I don't really want anyone to work on Ultimate until I have the system design done and a reasonable version built.

Oh, and in other news, relsqui and I have permanent accounts now. 8)

I feel like eating corn on the cob right now. I don't know why. I suspect it would be a somewhat daunting task with my current round of facial hair, although it's been noted recently that I'm very skilled at eating neatly.

Started relsqui and our housemate on Revolutionary Girl Utena after reading Perl, the first postmodern programming language. I desperately want to watch the movie again, but that would give away much of the series to them.

You know, I dimly recall that I'm supposed to be working. One of my bosses dimly recalls this as well and called to ask me what I'm up to. I suppose I should take that as a go get some tea!

Err...and wrap up this post, of course.

Oh yeah! One last bit: I have an officemate. He's even reasonably cool.

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