Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Just don't ask.

Yeah, I know it's been forever.

Yeah, I know you don't miss me =(

Yeah, I'm weeping here. Really.

Just for that, take this random conversation between the girl and I.

(16:48:40) TehGirl:
(16:48:42) TehGirl: !!!
(16:48:45) TehGirl: :D :D :D !!!!!
(16:50:44) TehGirl: monkeys. :)
(16:56:00) CERisEDownstairs: Man, why do I feel like I need that I *heart* monkey pron shirt for next game night?

[ed: We've attracted yet another pathetic life form for game night who I freaked out by suggesting she _might_ like to screw a monkey. ]

(16:57:37) CERisEDownstairs: and why do I _really_ wanna fuck the mannequin that they use for the chick cafe press shirts?
(17:00:23) TehGirl: eh? link?
(17:00:53) CERisEDownstairs: Just look at the monkey day shirt.
(17:01:01) CERisEDownstairs: I'd know that pair of fake boobs anywhere.
(17:01:52) TehGirl: hm. yeah, I agree. *g*
(17:02:11) CERisEDownstairs: on the shirt or the mannequin?
(17:02:17) TehGirl: the mannequin
(17:02:20) TehGirl: well, both
(17:02:38) CERisEDownstairs: Clearly, fuck the mannequin and steal the shirt when you sneak out in the morning.
(17:03:06) TehGirl: yes!
(17:07:23) TehGirl: "excuse me! can I have your autograph?"
(17:07:25) TehGirl: "who, me?"
(17:07:33) TehGirl: "yes! you pose for cafepress's shirts, right?"
(17:07:40) TehGirl: "wh--how did you know?"
(17:07:43) TehGirl: "I'd know your tits ANYWHERE."
(17:07:46) CERisEDownstairs: hehe
(17:08:33) TehGirl: mm 8)
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