Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Now the long one...(part 1)

Finally, a free moment!

Fiends and gentle lurkers, I feel as though I must preface this with a notice. However wonderful it may sound, what I am about to describe is hamstrung by factors without my control. In this poor retelling of the event, let your imagination run wild, for truly, your imagination might _just_ hit the mark, where my writing falls short.

As you all know, my birthday was on Monday. Normally, I would have had my birthday celebration occur the weekend following, but John decided the Armory party was going to come early this year. So it was to be that I would celebrate my last days of being 18 (instead of 19).

relsqui specifically requested Sunday to be all hers. So I planned my quietly publicized birthday dinner for Saturday. It was to be at the Crepe place. They have yummy food and were accomodating the last time I invaded.

Dinner was wonderful, tasty, and full of friendly chatter. One of my friends actually came up from LA _that_ day. Which was nice, because I hadn't seen her in forever and I like to keep track of people I like. I had to talk her in and did a damn poor job of it (forgetting that from the south, Soquel splits into Water and Soquel, for example). All the same, she made it and it was good.

Dinner was followed by a trip to the Armory where games of many sorts were played (cooperative two player tetris, super mario brothers, lunch money, chez geek, and probably more which I'm neglecting), some low, non-zero amount of alcohol consumed, and at last, much crashing was to be had by all.

To all who came, thank you much for coming along and making the time joyously spent.

Forgive my hurried description of this. It is truly not for lack of the event being memorable. Rather, it is because I cannot wait to tell you of the truly wonderful day that was had on Sunday.

On Sunday, we attempted to awaken somewhat early to attend to our many guests from the previous evening. We apparently just missed our friend from LA running off to visit other sites in the area before returning.

In any case, it was decided to head off to a nearby coffee shop in search of caffeine. relsqui and I were a bit rushed in that we'd agreed to go to lunch with her parents that morning. So, we had coffee and then said our farewells before returning to the Armory to meet her parents. We hopped in my car and went out to the wharf in Capitola where there's this little restaurant that I'd never been to, much less seen. It's funny that for as long as I've been in this area, there are definite parts that I haven't had occasion to go to.

After a few misadventures in parking, we started down the pier past several fishermen. A boat was parked and unloading their haul which included (among other things) a squid!

Breakfast was pretty good. To my surprise, the fried calamari appetizer was excellent (I'm not normally one who appreciates critters of the sea).

After parting, her mother had noted that one of my tail lights was out. I'd never actually replaced one before (despite having an otherwise decent knowledge of automobiles), so it was a bit of an experience replacing it in the parking lot of Kragen.

relsqui had been spoiling for a drive, so off we went South on Highway 1. Thinking about the squid, I decided to head down to Monterey. relsqui had never been to the aquarium, but it was really far too late to go there. The drive was fun. A bit rainy in places, but that's never stopped me before.

I was going to get off at a later exit in Monterey, but relsqui insisted on getting off at the first one. So off we went. I vaguely directed us in the area of Cannery Row and zipped along. After we'd left the big buildings behind us, relsqui mentioned that she had a message for me.

"Oh? From who?"
"John. Your boss."
"Ahh. What'd he have to say?"
"Well, he hopes you have a happy birthday...and he'll see you on Tuesday."
"That's nice of him. I guess he won't be in on Monday."
"No. You won't be in on Monday. And that shiny inn we just passed is expecting us."

I pulled over right then to a convenient turn out with a nice view of the breakwater. Shortly afterwards, we made our way back to the place waiting for us.
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