Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

One short bit: We had game night last night.

At one point, elgato cracks open a container of cream and drinks it. He makes a face of disgust and says "bleah."

relsqui: That reminds me of that chez geek card. "Dude, you drank my hot sauce? Are you high?"
elgato: Dude! To drink my hot sauce you'd have to be high.
elgato begins to sip his coffee
Me: Dude! To drink my cream, we'd both have to be high.
[insert half second of delay before elgato does a full on spit take as the meaning dawns on him].

hehehehe. It's STILL funny!

Tuesday is becoming an uber useful machine again. I plan to use it to help me keep my LJ and comic load evenly distributed. All the same, I will probably drop communities. I like being in all the geek communities I'm in, but I haven't actually commented in a while. I used to answer every question, but now I am teh slack.

Work continues to be good. I spoke with a woman in India the other day who so pleased with being helped after 2 days of waiting that she gave me a star emote over IM 8)

I spoke with another woman in Florida who was on the phone with me for 2 hours while I helped her with a ton of problems. We spent much of it talking about Zork.

I love some of the customers. I really like talking to them. I really hate that they go away when I solve their problems =(

One bit of surreality: On my support IMs, I got this:

BIG ASS CLAW: I'd like to ask a few questions about your log analyzer product.
Me: Yes?

When I got this IM, I started cracking up and called one of the sales guys over to have a good laugh about it. We started laughing at the guy when someone called "grammerdork" IM'd.

I think there's three kinds of customers:
1) The ones who get angry and pissed off and feel really stupid when I tell them what the problem is.
2) The ones who think I'm working miracles and thank me profusely for the work I do (psst! I LOVE these guys!)
3) The ones who are totally clueless, don't get what they're doing, get annoyed at me, then realize that I'm doing nice things for them, and leave satisfied with the product.

I still like the people. I still like the work I'm doing. The only thing not to like about the job is the early morning start (7:30am).
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