Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Today was the trial by fire. The fellow whose position I'm taking is off elsewhere, so that leaves me with no one to consult with 8)

Came out alright. Wonderfully I dare say. The CEO asked me a question which sounds dangerously like it's going to turn into development work for me. I'm AOK with that ; )

Customer support there is funny. No one expects a quick answer. When you work your brains out and exhaust leads and finally give them an answer after 3 hours of work....they thank you.

One of them went so far as to demand my boss's email to write a commendation!

So, all in all, I'm still loving work. While some small part of me wants more money, I'm very happy where I am.

What else is new? Tuesday is alive once more. I revived it in Berkeley. I think I'll put aircrack on it and show off our 802.11's "security".

Saw Innerspace. I had forgotten it was a Spielburg film. It's a silly film. Not a great movie, but a decent use of however long that film was. I had seen it years ago when I was smaller and remembered mostly that the plot was not unlike a game I used to play (The Laser Surgeon: The Microscopic Mission which relsqui may rememeber me freaking out about when we found a copy of it in LA forever ago. Strangely relsqui and I agreed that Meg Ryan's character was cuter than the evil chick (who earned unintended snickering when saying to her henchmen, "Put that girl in my office.")

Mom called in the meantime and wants to talk. She'll wait. Just because I've a positive cash flow now doesn't mean I've forgiven.

relsqui decided to make popcorn. I told her to make enough for herself because I'd eat some of that and ensure that she had about what she ought to have. Despite this, she ended up making far, far, far too much. While catching popcorn in a bowl, it quickly hit the overflow mark and became something of sculpture under pressure. At last, there was too much, so I squeezed up against the counter and used my girth to ensure that popcorn stayed on the counter...with absolute success! Not a kernel wasted. Would you expect less from a linux user?

leavemsg is totally done and cool and...strangely like SMTP. Those of you on l can check it out in /root/scripts. Those of you not can get an account by telnet/ssh as account "request" with no password.

relsqui and I had a brief bout of silliness. At one point when she dimly recalled being queried about a trailer of Osmosis Jones by those survey folk. She only remembered the vague plot. I remembered immediately that it was a Bill Murray/Chris Rock movie and that Bill Murray was a zoo keeper in it. relsqui didn't think so. Survey IMDB says *ding* "Zoo worker".

I needed to make use of the facilities, so with a triumphant cry, I said "To the batroom!" While there, I heard her reaching for a keyboard. I quickly signed on and we exchanged a few write's and leavemsg's giggling at each other.

bloodlossgirl and I have been exchanging IMs. Today was a session of MissileIM Command as bursts of IMs were coming all at once and I had to defend my cities and missile bases side of the conversation by fielding witty replies.

Possibly one of the funnier ones:
T: Or that I'm a bare, lying tiger? : )
B: i make no commentary on your bareness
T: You should've. It'd have been the bare necessities of a conversation ; )
B: *groan*
T: A bit too much to bear?
B: stop!
T: hehe. Uh oh, I'm in danger of moving from bear to bore.
T: *boar
B: *covers her eyes*

Conversation was prompted by the sudden realization that one of the moths fluttering around my brain when associated with her name was the similarity between "bloodlossgirl" and "Punk Rock Girl" which was a forgotten favorite song of mine when I was very little and listening to KROQ because of my sisters.

So apparently, we'll have to travel around the world. Just you and me, blood loss giiiiiiiiiirl! ; )

Such a good song. *sighs*

There was lots of funny stuff during the day that's slipped out of my skull ATM. A brief discussion about lemur genitalia prompted a memory of a certain unposted event involving gemmi_1.

It also occurs to me that it's been forever since I've been kicked out of anywhere. The last place was the Boardwalk I think. That was for driving "way too fast" in the parking lot. You'd think the ebrake was a crime.

Actually, being anti-pulled-over probably counts as a more recent instance.

And, oh yeah, I still owe you guys a post about Cherish, a post about #9, some icons, and a few words of praise for cmoog.

BTW: Note for everyone: I work on Mission Street from 7:30a-5p. As a result, my sleep schedule has changed a bit and relsqui and I don't have the freedom to sit in Berkeley for longer than the weekend.
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