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So I noticed with some horror that my checking account had dipped… - CERisE's Testing for L

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November 14th, 2004

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03:29 pm

So I noticed with some horror that my checking account had dipped into the negatives.

Sometime shortly afterwards, my mom mentioned that I've been getting letters from the bank. Attached to that, she inquires as to work and relsqui and what I'm doing for fun.

I mention that I'm not working and I'm feeling up the creek without a paddle. I further mention that I've had some close calls on jobs, but nothing definite.

So what does she do? Reassure me? Offer to help me financially?


Even better: It's SPAM from monster.com. Not even an actual job listing or anything, but some crap about a mortgage! She didn't even look past the subject "Monster.Com Featured Job". In fact, she didn't even look at who it was addressed to. If she had, she would've noticed it's backscatter spam.

In fact, she didn't even bother attaching text to it like "Hey, I saw this and thought you might be interested."

I mentioned with no lack of irony that I'm looking on several different job sites, including monster.com.

Yes folks, I believe I'll be spending thanksgiving up north this year. I have little to no desire to honor familial obligations for her.

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