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Watched the end of Braveheart with relsqui and Carl (of… - CERisE's Testing for L

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November 13th, 2004

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03:58 am
Watched the end of Braveheart with relsqui and Carl (of Sleepy-Time Carl fame). Hadn't seen that in years. Also watched "Living in Harmony". That was the episode of The Prisoner which was done (mostly) as a Western. Fantastic (but very strange) stuff. Glad we had watched the credits for Braveheart. I'd forgotten that Patrick McGoohan had a part in it. It happened to be pure chance that relsqui and I were going to watch "Living in Harmony".

Sometime after watching it, there was a loud thump against the glass doors to the backyard. We turned on the light, but didn't see anything. relsqui decided it must've been a drunk raccoon.

I've been applying to anything with three or more legs that moves on a few job sites (After all, I want to work somewhere that has a leg to stand on). I have a couple of jobs to follow up on. Still haven't heard back from Alexander. He's apparently going to be back on Monday. I did leave a message with the general manager which didn't receive a callback.

I've started rereading Time Enough for Love. I'll take the easy way out and blame relsqui.

Today was otherwise a very lazy day.

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Date:November 16th, 2004 03:20 pm (UTC)


Heinlen :::looks dreamy::: he's so good... I Will Fear No Evil is an awsome book. Havn't gotten to Time Enough for Love, though I've met Lazarus Long on a few occasins. Make sure you follow up with Methusala's Children (my second or third encounter with Mr. Long). I've gotten addicted to Heinlen's books, probably nearing half way to a compleate collection of his works. Have fun....
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Date:November 16th, 2004 04:04 pm (UTC)


He truly is.

I've read most of his work (including Time Enough for Love and Methuselah's Children). I was in the midst of rereading after having introduced my girlfriend (relsqui) to Heinlein. I could think of only one book better for the task (I have a strange fondness for "Job: A Comedy of Justice") and it isn't sci-fi, so I "settled" for TEFL.

One of the beautiful things about it is it's about as far as you can get from hard sci-fi without not being sci-fi. Sure, it's in the future. Sure there's the obligatory flying car and whatnot, but the stories are very much about people, not mankind. He doesn't quite have the same sensory feel as William Gibson, but he more than makes up for it with his wonderful, wonderful dialogue 8)

I was poking around your userinfo for fun and making guesses at how you know me. Did you travel here randomly or are you acquainted with sakiroa? You two are somewhat in the same area and certainly overlap some non-zero brainspace.

Looking further in your userinfo, I see so many interests that I cut out of my listing because it had gotten too long. Tesla, Lovecraft, and Thompson along with Discordianism hopped out at me ; )

All hail eris ; )

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