Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

And one post which is actually about what's going on in my life right now...

Silly anecdote about going to vote. The box they had filled with ballots started to fill up. One of the volunteers tipped it to the side and shook it to try and free up some space. I couldn't resist (jokingly) suggesting "Why not just open it up?" Nice bunch of volunteers there with good senses of humor 8)

I was disappointed by the election and I suspect that we'll have another 4 years of even farther polarization. But there's not a lot to do for it except reconsider what I consider to be moderate and centrist politics in light of the decisions of fellow citizens.

Oh well.

I've been working down in Seaside for a bit. 45 minute drive or so down 1. Really pretty and fun driving. Seaside's a bit of a nothing town. The company is called Critical Thinking Books and Software and it was for a programming job. I really hope I get it, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, after the interview, he commented about my considerable sysadmin experience and asked if I'd be interested in a job until then. So, I've headed down there for a few days now working on migrating a supposedly dying system over to a new box. I think they're blowing things way out of proportion, but I'm very happy to get paid a decent amount by the hour for my troubles.

I've gotten to know the people there, so it's not unlikely that the job will go to me. I'd expect to hear back from them at some point about other jobs as well. I was supposed to hear about the programming job today on Friday, but when I inquired, I was told that the decision would be made on Monday.

I'm not waiting, so I'm going to call up an offer I got a couple of days ago and plan on an interview. Worst comes to worse, I cancel.

Tiny's may or may not be going out of business. Strange happenings there have gotten relsqui and I in full swing to save our favorite late night haunt. relsqui is creating a web site for them and I'll be lending them a computer.

Let's see...what else is new? I've spent lots of time helping a friend out with CS 111 (operating systems). Makes me miss C programming. Wrote a bit to Gordon saying that I consider my "contractual" employment to Siftology over as soon as I get my last paycheck.

Saw Lost in La Mancha which was more sad than hysterical, although seeing film equipment covered in tarps get washed away by a torrential downpour was pretty funny. With any luck, Gilliam'll get that movie made yet. It looks like it would've been good.

Vintage Computer Festival this weekend. I'll go if I can, but I may end up missing Saturday =/

Got esound working right under cygwin, so podkayne plays sounds from boogeyman. That's pretty cool stuff, though I need to look into aRts and nas because esound is apparently single channel. Bleah.

I suppose that's it. Nothing big.
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