Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

I'm sitting here watching Fox News on purpose to see the worst case scenario. They're showing Ohio as Bush's, but the chatter is moderate. They list the electoral votes as 269-242.

CNN and some others are showing Kerry as a possibility. NBC is extremely conservative about calling things. I believe it was Tom Brokaw who said 4 years ago "We don't have egg on us. We have a whole omelet." CNN right now is having a discussion about statistics and about how they could still be totally wrong about things (pointing at exit polls in Florida which seemed to be for Kerry). Both CNN and NBC are showing 249-242.

After game night, I felt like driving. I have work tomorrow at 8 in Seaside, but I'm not doing much in the way of sleep. Maybe I should've. Then again, relsqui had a bit of a headache, so I almost certainly wouldn't have. What set the mood I think was seeing some gal in pajamas this evening walking across the crosswalk from the bookstore to Cowell. There's something kinda cool about living in the middle of a normally bustling place. It's a sort of dissonance which is semi-attractive to mind.

If I had been alone, I might've done it anyway, listening to NPR as I drove up Empire Grade. I would've gone all the way to Lockheed. It's striking how much a thing of the past that feels like, although it's not a thing of the past in my persona at all. I miss driving around LA. Tonight's as much a night for Mulholland as it is for Empire Grade.

But then again, I wouldn't have just come from Tiny's (where Nicole told us the up-to-date counts and suffixed it quietly with "It's really scary." She's such a love.) had I been to LA. I really am conflicted about where I'm living.

Back to what I was getting to. I remember four years ago before the controversy started that everyone felt that either Gore or Bush was certain to be a one term president.

It's amazing how much of an effect the Middle East and terrorism can have on us. Bush became a real possibility for a second term. 37% (according to CNN) of Bush voters in exit polls voted on the basis of the potential effect 33 voted for moral values (hardly surprising).

In 1980, they were at least part of the reason why Carter lost the White House.

In 2004, they made Bush a plausible second term president. Osama bin Ladin's most recent tape was aimed at affecting us politically.

It's really kind of a shame that our politics are really affected by external factors like that.

I was joking a bit yesterday about how there'd be a supreme court vote and so on, punctuated by helicopter filming of U-Haul trucks carrying ballots to one place or another (the height of the insanity in Florida). I didn't really expect what's happening in Ohio, but it kinda figures, doesn't it?

In other silly news, Marin county voted to ban GMO (genetically modified organisms), excepting research. Berkeley voted to ban all non-organic, "Fair Trade" certified coffee. They also voted against medical marijuana and prostitution. Oakland, amusingly enough, voted to look the other way for marijuana charges. San Francisco voted to recall their troops from Iraq. Lastly, Emeryville (a vague little nothing just to the side of Berkeley) voted to expand Pixar (AFAIK, the only thing that's really going for Emeryville).

One last thing. Why on Earth is there so much anxiety over all this? Bush is apparently really jonesing to make a victory speech. Votes are in. This isn't a matter for politicking. It's a matter for counting. Not a whole lot of class in this matter.

Interesting. It's still very close, but Thune is declaring victory over Daschle in South Dakota.

In either case, it's pretty clear that the Democratic party is seeming like a pretty fringe place. While I know I'm surrounded by uber-liberals comparitively, it's still jarring to see the political reality that I'm a fringe liberal compared to the rest of the country. I don't consider myself that liberal. Certainly between my arguments with the liberal evilbananaslug and the conservative level_head, I'm somewhere in the center.

And just to be sure that this all stays very random and discontinuous, a commercial just came on with a couple feeding pigeons. The female of the couple was that vague 50s-ish style long dress reminds me a lot of a friend of mine by the name of Rebecca McDougald. I've never met her in person. In fact, the only reason I know her is through a friend who I met at an event at BCI called "Home Alone" weekend. A girl who went the year after I went by the name of Abby. As it turned out, she went to a small college in Starkville, Alabama. One night, a friend of hers sat down at her computer. I said hello over AIM and ended up chatting with Rebecca. I don't recall quite what I said except that it was vaguely complimentary, so she said something like "You're such a doll."

And off that went. Hopefully, she's keeping well.

Alright. Good night folks. Work in the morning is far too soon.
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