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Disgusting Appearing Foods Potluck & Halloween Party - CERisE's Testing for L — LiveJournal

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October 29th, 2004

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12:43 am - Disgusting Appearing Foods Potluck & Halloween Party
10 years ago, one of my housemates had the brilliant idea to have a non-mandatory potluck where you bring food that looks unappealing, but tastes delicious.

After a great deal of refinement, the Armory (the oldest continuous running geek house in Santa Cruz) is proud to present the 10th annual Disgusting Appearing Foods Potluck & Party.

It's Friday 10/29 (today, as I post this) at 8pm. The Armory is off of Nobel, about 2-3 blocks from campus. Directions can be found here.

For the curious, pictures from previous contenders can be found here.

Hope to see you there! 8)

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