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Wikipedia makes everything better I read through it briefly last… - CERisE's Testing for L

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October 19th, 2004

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03:51 am
Wikipedia makes everything better

I read through it briefly last night after looking at Dennis Ritchie's site. That took me to stories of Ken Thompson and chess. That made me think about Deep Blue, which led me to Kasparov. That took me eventually to Bobby Fischer and rumors that he plays chess online.

Reading about Kasparov's first attempt at the world championship made me marvel again at how connected our brains are to our physical conduct. It's amazingly bizarre that the level of concentration necessary made Karpov lose 22 pounds over the course of the match.

Moreover, that it's all over a game. A human game that means nothing to nowhere and no one else. Truly bizarre.

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Date:October 19th, 2004 01:29 pm (UTC)


I read on a current issue of Newsweek about scientific findings affirming the connection of the mind and body. In fact, China has admitted that its secret for attaining that much medals in the last Olympic is due to mind training.

It is only today that science is seriously taking this phenomenon into consideration. As Edgar Cayce would say, "the mind is the builder and the body is the result."

I think Mr. Kasparov wouldn't have lost if he was able to maximize both hemisphere of his brain. For a huge brain, people utilize only about 10%. Still, so much potential!

Are you familiar with Mr. Nepomuceno, the 5-time world bowling champion who's in the Guinness Book? Before that astounding feat, he undergone an intense mind development/training via meditation, among other things. Before that, no one had been a consecutive world bowling champion more than twice. Also, Mr. Nepomuceno almost always get eliminated.

Truly, the mind is full of wonder! Around the 1970's, the common denomination of the 200 most affluent, famous and powerful people in the the United State is they knew (and were firm) where their life is heading.

  • Desire, belief and expectation are crucial elements in materializing what you want. It may not happen so soon, but it will eventually.

  • Words are powerful! If you recite a certain mantra (i.e., I feel better and better) regularly, your body will adjust accordingly. Keep it simple and short.

Makes me wonder how people of Lemuria/Mu and Atlantia lived, granted it's a fact rather than a legend, it that much mental faculty.
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Date:October 21st, 2004 04:58 pm (UTC)

Re: Mind-Body

It's very difficult to take either Lemuria or Mu seriously. Especially considering that Lemuria was initially a hypothesized continent to explain peculiarities of evolution in lemurs. Of course, Madame Blavatsky got ahold of it and began spinning tales about it. Mu is a slightly more interesting tale involving Colonel Churchward.

Atlantis at least has the advantage of a respectable authority (Plato, of all people), though historians believe that accounts about Atlantis were actually in Southern Africa.

Also, it's worth noting that we actually use more than 10 percent of our brain.

I tend to discount the claims of many mystics about the power of the mind and all that. Being an atheist and a skeptic tends to distance one from those ideas. However, little bits like Nepomuceno come back to show that we definitely don't know everything there is to know yet ; )

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Date:October 22nd, 2004 01:47 pm (UTC)

Re: Mind-Body

Since you did mention you're an atheist, if it's not intruding to ask, what or to whom do you cling in your desperate need? I believe that religion will always be timely and timeless. In man's desperate moment, he needs to hold on something, no matter how out of this world it may be. Otherwise, what's the point of living without hope and/or dreams.

I used to be an atheist. During the lowest point of my life, I sincerely asked for a sign that there is hope out there during a prayer/reflection. Then all of a sudden, I experience an ineffable sensation -- extreme joy and contentment that lasted for 5 minutes. Somehow, the "council" heard my plea. Who this "council" is, I have no idea. I just felt that it came from a group of higher spirits. That was a turning point in my life toward the spiritual beliefs I now have.

Though there are fraud mystic/psychics out there (my philosophy professor pretended to be one for experiment sake, and no one knew he was a fake during his college years!), yet I believe there are still some authentic ones out there. There's a grain of truth in everything, granted there's really no such thing as an exlcusively original idea in the first place.

My exposure to such ideas, if you may, is due to my father. He used to venture on paranormal phenomenon by accident. Basically, he got a manual on hypnosis, and when he and his friends were so thrilled when it worked out, it all they could talk and do all day. Then gradually, they were introduced to reincarnation and beings from other dimensions, among other things. His first reaction is to disbelief. But when coincidences keep compiling, under varying conditions, (not to mention these suppose beings from other dimension began disclosing quite personal facts about each of them) he eventually became a believer.

It is said that Pentagon is psychically protected. Pyschic programs in the military were engaged like remote viewing codename Stargate, if I remember it correctly. In connetion there's this guy who claims to be a product of the program.

It is said that psychic skills are not extrasensory; all human beings have them. It's a matter of just developing them. For example, blind people have sharper hearing or acute smell sensory in order to compensate the lack of sight. But it does not mean that other people who have 5 sense could not sharper hearing or acute smell sensory, too. It just a matter of developing them consciously or subconsciously.

In the end, it's really a matter of experience. The greatest feat of mind or will power are people who transcended terminal diseases like cancer or AIDS without any medical explanation for the recovery.
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Date:October 23rd, 2004 02:20 pm (UTC)

Re: Mind-Body

To whom do I cling in my time of need? That's an easy answer. Myself. If you've read the Sandman, then perhaps you'll recall Dream challenging Chronozon and defeating the death of the universe with hope. One needn't believe in a deity to hold that hope, nor dreams of the things which we hope may come.

At one point in my life, I was genuinely interested in conspiracy theories and paranormal studies (especially cryptozoology). Frankly, I'd be disappointed if the Pentagon and other backers of research dismissed the claims of remote viewing out of hand. The fact is that they've done an awful lot to disprove that those things exist.

I'll believe it the day that one of them takes Randi's test and wins.

It's not that there isn't a medical explanation for people like Lance Armstrong. Rather, it was unlikely that they'd recover.
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Date:October 24th, 2004 01:37 pm (UTC)

Re: Mind-Body

No, I haven't read the Sandman yet but sounds interesting. Who's the author? I should definitely read it in my free time!

During the lowest point of my life, I was bombarded with questions like:
  • Where does my life revolve around to?

  • Why do I live?

  • Why to finish school, work and be productive member of society?

  • Why do I do all these thing? What for?

  • Basically, my belief in a deity is not to serve nor please him, but rather assurance that there is a force out there guiding me toward my purpose. My compass toward this purpose is my emotions akin to good feeling one feels when he unconditionally helps someone, something like that. I believe emotions are authentic responses of the soul, it's just a matter of subjecting to the proper stimuli. Just as your body will react as if it's drowning whether it was happening in a dream or for real. Probably if all people were empaths, atrocities would cease to exist.

    I believe religion, or rather spirituality, is a personal journey. Higher intelligence reveal aspect of themselves relative to an indivual. Let's say you very sweet to your parents yet vicious to your schoolmates; who is to say your either your parents or classmates are wrong when these are the images you project to them?

    Concepts like God and paranormal are useless argument. Premises of both parties do not coincide. "Happy" is just a word that represents the actual feelings. This word describes the emotion, and there are lot of other word description attached to "happy", yet all pales in comparison with the actual feeling. The more accurate it is described in words, the more imprecise it becomes. Until the day telepathic communication becomes prevalent and/or a reality, we have no choice but to continue to utilize this convention.

    Frankly, I'd be disappointed if the Pentagon and other backers of research dismissed the claims of remote viewing out of hand. The fact is that they've done an awful lot to disprove that those things exist.

    Conspiracy can be a double edge sword.

    Oh yeah, does the Randi's link test have to bring to some site or the loop in this entry is the test itself?

    It's not that there isn't a medical explanation for people like Lance Armstrong. Rather, it was unlikely that they'd recover.

    Yes, but the medical explanation is inadequate particularly in explaining the cause of dramatic condition reversal. I've come across some studies conducted by medical doctors like the recovery of terminally ill patients with an optimistic attitude and supportive family/friends as the defining factor or the effects of prayer, be of a love one or stranger, over recovery. However, for those who recovered with strong faiths, I perceive it was an effect of hope or will power as a consequence of belief in a deity rather than the belief itself. Then, there's the placebo effect/treatment for non-threatening illness. Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of time in gathering those material in specific as of the moment.

    Next time I have quite an engaging conversation like this with you, I should be really prepared. =)
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Date:October 28th, 2004 05:39 pm (UTC)

Re: Mind-Body

ACK! I meant to reply to this! If nothing else, to relay that the Sandman was written by Neil Gaiman.

My "religion" if it is anything is a sense of duty. There are many problems in this world. While biding my time on Earth, I might as well solve as many of them as I can so others won't have to. That doesn't require a belief in anything, only a desire to ultimately do good.

Randi has contact info on the site. He regularly gets people who apply (one such applicant claimed he could make Christopher Reeve walk the weekend before he died).

The effect of determination is hardly surprising. Let's face it, there is no barrier between the mind and body. Karpov in the example I cited proved that. Does it imply that there's a deity? Not at all, it only reinforces the power of our minds over our bodies.

You're catching me on subjects that I've dealt with frequently before as an atheist, so I just have a bit of a head start on research ; )

In any case, I'll look forward to that next time ; )
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Date:October 29th, 2004 07:55 am (UTC)

Re: Mind-Body

Does it imply that there's a deity? Not at all, it only reinforces the power of our minds over our bodies.

Actually, I never assumed the belief in a deity follows.

However, for those who recovered with strong faiths, I perceive it was an effect of hope or will power as a consequence of belief in a deity rather than the belief itself.

The conversation ventured somehow to deity belief after you mentioned you're an atheist, and curiosity got the best of me.

As I said before, spirituality is a personal journey. In my case, the experience I mentioned above was the turning point in my life. It defies all rational explanation the way in the midst tears of extreme despair, I would feel overjoyed for no reason at all, not to mention the sudden jump in my very biological system. It's like I was at minima, impulsed to maxima before I reached equilibrium. Actually, it was only after I embraced this spirituality that the feeling of emptiness stopped. As an atheist then, I perennially felt this every now and then that I presumptuously attributed to lack of sunlight.

The existence of a god cannot be proven nor disproven in blac-and-white. Thus, it's a useless cyclical discussion.

Since I also have a superhero complex, my purpose of spirituality is something to keep me grounded. It's like I'm the outlet in a residential area. A lot of appliances draw their power from me, yet I do not immaculately create this energy; I derive it from a power generation plant (to cut the long story short). In short, my purpose of spirituality is inspiration as well, in addition to guidance.

Speaking of Randi's link, can you give the url again? I keep looping in this entry whenever I click the link you gave above.

Btw, I'm going to an ESP (Enhanced Sensory Projection rather than Extra Sensory Perception) seminar tomorrow. I'll keep you updated what happens. =)

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