Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

(17:22:08) CERisE8192: It's strange that calc is satisfying?

(17:22:23) coconutin: well, i used to hate math

(17:22:38) coconutin: but then i got an A in it. that changes things

(17:22:44) CERisE8192: hahaha ; ) Yes, yes it can.

(17:22:58) CERisE8192: I suppose I've already fed you at least a couple of my math pickup lines, no?

(17:24:20) coconutin: no..

(17:24:56) CERisE8192: You're probably the better for it ; ) Besides, I've been trying to put a bit of a cap on those lately.

(17:25:15) CERisE8192: They don't do quite as well as compliments when you're known by certain people to make them all the time.

(17:25:47) coconutin: i see how it is

(17:26:16) CERisE8192: Well, you know, if you ever need help finding the area under your curves, I've got a couple of fascinating approximations.

(17:28:13) coconutin: lol

Secondly, A little bit of catch up!!!

So while we were up in Berkeley, we got relsqui/stonesundial's respective parental units to grok the internet slightly better. Arrakis had been sitting there humming away happily for a while and they were talking about wanting web service. So I threw apache and samba on. They now have a nice little folder which is the webroot for arrakis. Believing that this is foolproof, I paste a smug grin on my mug and collect the two of them to demonstrate.

There is a joke that no plan survives first contact with the opposition. Arrakis has had pointing at it for some time, so I throw a file in, and open another browser pointing at and voila. Believing success is in my grasp, I smile the smile of the triumphant. Then her Mom says:

"Could you write this down for me?"
"Ummm...write it down for you? What could be simpler? You just drop whatever you want up into this folder."

Then relsqui jumps in. After about 10 minutes of badgering, it turned out that "" looked like a random string to Mom.

The next 30m or so could've been scripted for a comedy act as they went looking for a more memorable domain. Doing this on the cheap, we look through dyndns listings. After about 5 minutes, I was laughing too hard to be of any use conversationally while relsqui bravely kept up the fight.

I remember:
relsqui: "Ok, here's the list of available domains...Mom, I am not letting you get"
Dad: "Well, it's gotta be something people are going to remember."
Mom: "What's"
Dad: "No, no, no. It's gotta be a .com. People remember .com's. They aren't going to remember anything else."
Mom: "Is this all the choices?"
relsqui: "Yes."
[ several seconds elapse ]
Mom: "So that's all the choices? There aren't any others?"
relsqui: "Yes. There aren't any others. That's all of them."
[ several more seconds elapse ]
Mom: "So that's all of them?"

Eventually, they settle on Then relsqui brings up that they still need to pick a hostname.

Dad: "How about patch? [The windows box is named patch. So is the dog. -- ed.]"
Mom: "It has to be something dignified. How about Doctor [her last name]?"
Dad: "Oh great. Then we'll get people looking for medical care. It's gotta be something people are going to remember."
Mom: "Well, it has to be something dignified."
Dad: "Oh, of course. 'Dignity, always dignity'. What do you want?"

It eventually boils down to getting two separate pointers at it. and So relsqui registers it and starts to walk her mom through the process using

Mom: "You have an extra dot."
relsqui: "...No, I don't"
Mom: "Shouldn't it have a www in front of it?"
relsqui: "No. Not all websites have a www in front of them."
Mom: "I always put a www. in if it's not there."
relsqui: "..."
testing4l: [ wild, raucous laughter that can only be summoned forth by further proof of Rich Cook's observation ]

There were other bits including a gerbilking suggestion from her Dad (a fan of South Park) and confusion over how two domains could point to the same place. I was laughing too hard to remember any of the conversation though.


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