Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Every kid must have one!!!

It's a great idea. I've always loved nursery rhymes and children's songs which are really
pretty and turn out to be about the Black Plague or killing a bluebird and so on.

This led to a discussion twixt Athena and I about double-ended dildos instead of baseball bats.

Some useful blackmail^Wquotes:

(08:34:13) Athena: That is a terrible gift
(08:34:26) CERisEDownstairs: gift?
(08:34:28) Athena: Who would purchase such a bastard product?
(08:34:32) CERisEDownstairs: hehehe
(08:34:39) CERisEDownstairs: I want one for my kid =D
(08:35:10) Athena: You should get a vasectomy

(08:36:15) CERisEDownstairs: I love the idea of a kid toy that the kid doesn't get until around puberty or so
(08:36:29) CERisEDownstairs: Probably not such a bad idea to buy kids dildos for toys
(08:36:36) CERisEDownstairs: c'mon! It beats a baseball bat
(08:36:43) Athena: haha
(08:36:43) CERisEDownstairs: especially if you get one of the double ended rubber ones!
(08:37:04) Athena: "Here kids! Go have fun with your friends now!)

(08:37:59) CERisEDownstairs: C'mon. If your kid doesn't frighten the other parents in your neighborhood, you just aren't doing your job

Meanwhile Fizz and Athena are plotting against me:

(16:38:19) Cersqui: ayep, that's my boy's sense of humor all right.
(16:38:23) Cersqui: that's on the lighter end too.
(16:38:59) Athena: I can only imagine
(16:40:25) Cersqui: I don't recommend it
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