Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Today was mostly a good day. It started with relsqui and I banzai-ing out to San Jose. I saw a post on craigslist about a free bed. While we both had our doubts, we apparently beat everyone else out there, so we scored a FREE full size mattress, boxspring, and frame.

The futon has been put elsewhere. It's either going with caramelbean or back to LA.

We had Pizza Chicago for breakfast. The waitress remembered us from some time ago. She was the one who pulled the hat prank on Fizz ; ) We didn't chat much (both of us were tired), but she did remark that we didn't have cards with us. =/

I've noticed that the waitstaff has gotten to know me a bit. There's a rotund Hispanic fellow who refills our drinks regularly. I can tell by his smile that he recognizes us, though all he says is "More Mr. Pibb? More (whatever-relsqui-is-drinking)?"

My arms feel like jelly though. I had to move both seats out of my van, the bed into my van, the bed into my room, the futon out of my room, and a seat back into the van. Lots of work. Probably good for me though. I've been noticing that I'm not quite as well defined as I'd like. I should start playing soccer again.

relsqui hurt her wrist in helping me out, so she wasn't able to do much.

I moved a ton of laundry downstairs as well. relsqui said she'd wash it, but didn't get around to it.

She does this every so often and it's kinda frustrating at first. I make a point of not asking her to do much. When I do ask her for something like this, she starts moaning about how she'll do it later and how she's lazy right now. At length, she says she won't do it at all.

These days, I see it coming a mile off. I knew she wasn't going to. If I had felt up to it at all, I would have done it when she first started on about it.

It'd be really easy to blow up at her. Sometimes it feels like I do all the work around here. It isn't true though and I know that she doesn't deserve that sort of yelling. She does so much just by being with me. By creating things like caves and <A HREF="telnet://>walk</A>, she adds so much creativity and thought to my life. Not to mention the improvement in food consumed. They're all little things, but they add up to more than I could ever accomplish by moving furniture around and providing for her. She really is an incredible girl. Besides, I can stand dirty clothes for another day. In theory, I won't need clothes at all tomorrow. We're teleconferencing instead of meeting tomorrow. yay!
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