Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction


Time has no meaning for me anymore.

My boss calls me and tells me that one of our servers at our client's is down. We need to go down to fix it. He wants me to come with him and fix it. Because I'm the only one really who knows the stuff.

He says "I'm going to sleep now. I'll leave here at 3 and pick you up."

I failed to get any sleep between then (8pm-ish?) and 3.

At 3, he calls to find out where to come get me. He somehow forgot that I live in Santa Cruz (which by his reckoning is out of his way). He briefly attempts to convince me to leave my car at a McDonalds that he knows of which is roughly at the intersection of our respective paths to our client. I say no way.

I briefly rejoice that I may have escaped it this time.

Then he calls back. He'll leave his car there. Ugh.

Drive drive drive. Meet. drive drive drive drive. Tired. drive drive drive. We're there. Work on system. It's clearly a hardware problem. I prove it several different ways. Chat with people who I know online who work there. Get checked out a few times (really, this one chick kept walking by the machine room just to gawk at me. It was kinda cool).

(Just realized now what I should have done. Boss agrees that we're both morons for not considering it. Duh. We should have swapped processors. Oh well. 2.4 seems to be able to deal with the potential badth of that proc)

Get the heck outta dodge. drive drive drive. Get gas. Kinda cute 40s-ish blonde cracks a joke as I walk by. Return joke with sarcastic funny remark. Smile. Reinflate ego.

TOO TIRED TO DRIVE. stop and let boss drive for a while. Spend an hour and a half going through myoclonic jerks attempting to sleep and yet still conversing with boss. Feel somewhat refreshed. Take over driving again when we stop for gas and oil. Drive drive drive. Drop boss off at car. Remember that I have to call relsqui and let her know that I'm done. She's happy because it means I'll be home even sooner than if I had called from down there.

drive drive drive. Get home. Moving truck at the next house. I find out that one of the 3 original cute chicks next door is moving out along with some other dude who I helped move in. Feel briefly bad about being a horrible neighbor. Feel tired. 1st OCC makes an appearance. Chat for a while. She TOTALLY forgets who I am for a moment (ahhh, ego deflation. How I've missed you), then seems mildly uninterested in chatter. Talk briefly to 3rd OCC. Say bye to dude and 2nd OCC. Walk out with 1st OCC, 3rd OCC, and boy(3rd OCC). Make a beeline for bed.

I don't remember a damn thing between then and now except zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Woke up at some point. zzzzzzzzzzzz

More waking up. zzzzzzzzzz

relsqui makes breakfast while I zzzzz

Time has no meaning for me right now. I have no idea what day it is AND I MISSED GAME 5! GARRR! Worse. Calgary won in OT. That would've been such a good game to watch. Blah.

On the plus sides:
1) Got a great gal who was waiting at home for me
2) Got to chat with my boss and bond somewhat. He told me at one point that I have too much honor and integrity to have cashed in on the tech bubble (The only people he knows who did are people he doesn't respect).
3) LOTS of driving. Paid for by boss =D
4) stonesundial did this REALLY lovely drawing which relsqui mentioned for our one year. It's really sweet and I love it. I'll scan it as soon as Podkayne is back up and running.
5) Really great friends abound!

The negatives:
1) zzzzz
2) zzzzz
3) zzzzz
4) Lots of work to be done by Monday.

Oh yeah =D And I changed my gaim sounds to make them different from relsqui's. They're mildly amusing. I get a "Hey baby" when someone logs in and "AFTER HER!" when someone logs out 8)

I bet that like none of this post makes sense. 8) I'm going back to sleep. Maybe I'll have a normal sleep schedule again. Maybe...

Edit: Preemptive add of cut for whiners.
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