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Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Alright. So here's what I worked out for our 1 year. It was somewhat more lackluster than I had planned. It was really hard to find excuses for relsqui to do other things so that I could do sneaky stuff without potentially getting caught 8)

We had a meeting this morning, so I drove out for it and ended up spending until 5-ish out there. Bleah. That didn't help my plans any.

I got back home and convinced relsqui that she needed a shower. Aha! A whole 15 minutes to wrangle things together!

We went to Bittersweet. An _excellent_ restaurant in Aptos. I'd been there before (with #9 (who I'll write about one of these days, I promise)) and it proved to be excellent. Most importantly, they put a large piece of paper over the tablecloth and provide crayons 8)

We had a small pizza appetizer to start. I had filet mignon, she had beef stroganoff. For desert, I had chocolate mousse (partially inspired by the drawing of a chocolate mousse moose in the center of the table), she had creme brulee. Everything was absolutely fantastic.

After a bit, we headed out of there pleasantly stuffed with yummy food.

I drove us back up highway 1 a ways. I took her back through Santa Cruz and northwards. There was one particular point that I wanted to get to. Up past Davenport is a lighthouse that I knew relsqui had never seen. There's a beautiful vantage of the moonlit sea and the lighthouse from a road that goes off the side of highway 1 (called Pigeon Point Road, no less).

We parked out there and I got her out of the car to look at the ocean with me and cuddle. Then I said:

"I have something for you. Close your eyes and turn around."

relsqui then turned with her back to the van. I opened up the back hatch and produced my boombox which I had carefully sneaked into the back of the van while she was in the shower. I had to scavenge D batteries at the same time which was semi-difficult, but it proved possible in the end.

I had slipped a CD in by Evan Lurie called Selling Water by the Side of the River. He plays a bunch of waltzes featuring an accordion somewhat prominently. I found it accidentally some time ago and grew to enjoy dancing to it.

See, relsqui had been bugging me for some time to teach her how to waltz. I was waiting for the right time. I knew that time was today.

At the first opening notes, I turned her around, put an arm around her and held her hand in mine. I then began to lead. We had a few fits and starts, but she seemed to get it somewhat. She got a bit dizzy, so we stopped prematurely. Still, it was a pleasant surprise and she totally didn't see it coming.

Amazing what you can do in a few minutes while your girlfriend showers.

We got back in the van and chatted for a bit. Then we started cuddling. After about half an hour of cuddling and talking and so on. , suddenly there are _VERY_ bright lights being shone at us. Two sheriff vehicles pulled up. One in front of me, one to the side. Ack!

One of them motioned for me to roll down my window. I'm still not 100% sure what he said. I believe he said "I have a problem with you guys being here. I know what you kids were doing."

It was somewhat gratifying to be called "kids", all things considered ; )

So we took our time going home. I was chuckling at being moved along by the cops. That's never happened to me before. Besides, what's wrong with making out on the side of a public highway?

I've gone through this quickly and it really doesn't do the evening justice. It was a wonderful evening. A wonderful way to put an end to the first of many years.

relsqui: I love you so very, very much. 8)

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it'll roll over in less than 4 minutes =D

EDIT: I almost forgot. I received a mysterious envelope from lishd. Written in red and black in several places was "Fragile" and "Do Not Bend"

I was thinking of what things are "Fragile" and shouldn't be bent as I opened it. Then I realized it was an uber-yummy mp3 CD that she said she'd make for me a while ago 8) Well timed sending, lishd ; ) I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but the things I recognize are indeed excellent songs =D

*squish* Danke schoen! XD
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