Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

I kinda hate posting these bits because relsqui already has and I _never_ beat her to it.

So we ended up going to an acapella concert. Cloud Nine, some Indonesian dance group, Shafter, and Spot the Octopus, specifically. knight3d and joeyclaren popped down for it and met relsqui, stonesundial, and myself there.

The dance group was unpolished and kinda dull, although the music was nice for a change of pace. It reminded me of the soundtrack to Akira (which I watched a few nights ago with relsqui).

Shafter suffered from audio problems. They aren't an acoustic band, but they were playing acoustic and it didn't work for them at all.

Cloud Nine sang once at the beginning and did a full set at the end. Meh. They were alright. They crashed and burned in the middle of a rendition of Love Fool by the Cardigans. I like the way acapella handles the subtleties of music (like the harp-ish sound in Love Fool) and they were no exception. They were more exciting than Shafter and the dance group though.

Spot the Octopus _ROCKED_. The lyrics were hysterical and the arrangements were fabulous. The highlight to me was a version of Money by Abba. They had little asides in the music of rap about Alan Greenspan (e.g. "Money money money/It must be funny/in Alan Greenspan's world"). Towards the end of the song, they included "From tha supply side!" I was in tears at the end of it. Almost as good as Logan's funnier songs.

After the concert, we decided to go to Jeffry's. stonesundial wanted to grab a sweater, so we stopped by her dorm and grabbed one. knight3d and joeyclaren split off to meet us there.

While waiting at the dorms, a girl and a guy walked by my van. The girl looked almost exactly like #7. I'm still not convinced it wasn't. She did go to Stevenson, but I don't know why she'd be living on campus. Turns out she's in my housemate's class too. I thought about calling after her, but in the end, decided not to.

As it turned out, there was a massive miscommunication which led joeyclaren to believe that Jeffry's is Lulu Carpenter's. They got there way late and wanted to go to Lulu's, but we had already ordered, so we sat around and ate, then headed over there.

As we left, there was a monster of an SUV (An Expedition I think) which comes zooming into the parking lot and into the parking space next to knight3d's car. Worse, they're blasting music. The 5 of us are snickering as we see it. I mean picture this:

A quiet tiny little parking log in back of an all night restaurant. Suddenly this guy pulls in as though he's grabbing grub after cruising down Van Nuys boulevard as flamboyantly as he can manage.

We were laughing about it as they got out of the car. We decided to meet at Lulu's, so we hopped into our respective cars. knight3d hops in and revs his engine near the redline, pops the clutch into reverse, and pulls a nice semicircle around the SUV and out onto the road, trailing rubber as he goes.

We thought we'd do one better, so we hop into my van, find the BBC on the radio dial, and blast it. I zip out of the parking place in reverse, skid around a corner to position myself behind their car. I pump my fist out the window at them and we take off, squealing tires on a couple of bends out of the parking lot.

I admit, I wish I had a smaller car at times like this.

We met up at Lulu Carpenter's and snagged a table in the middle. A couple of guys and a girl stopped me as I went by to chat about Nikola Tesla (I wore my science bowl T-shirt which sports his mug on the front). Nice enough, but they only understood him from a sort of artistic perspective, not his science.

Still, they can't be all bad. They'd read Tesla:Man Out of Time by Margaret Cheney!

The girl never said a word in the conversation, just the two guys. She was looking though 8) Add another 10,000 to Phil's ego.

On a side note: I'm curious if I'm just noticing this now or if I'm interpreting otherwise innocent glances differently. Either way, I've never been afraid of attention. Too bad for them that I already have everything I could ever want in a girl. Actually, now that I think about it, that's probably the reason why I notice it more. ; )

They really wanted a scan of my T-shirt, but I needed to get around to my friends, so I gave them my email and told them I'd scan it for them.

Went over and took a seat. They wanted to play cribbage, so I volunteered to sit out (there was an odd number of people). stonesundial and joeyclaren (whose initials spell out KY amusingly enough) vs. relsqui and knight3d. relsqui and knight3d ended up winning _just_ barely. stonesundial put up an excellent game from my point of view and it was her first time playing.

From there we went our separate ways, since it was getting late. We (relsqui and I) drove stonesundial back to campus. I've noticed that knight3d and joeyclaren are somewhat apprehensive about my hugs. I guess I don't blame them (I make a point of giving out bear hugs), but it's a little unpleasant in any case.
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