Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Work has been...interesting.

The past 3 days have had some form of things breaking at work and have sent me struggling to figure out the perl code to put them back together.

Fortunately, I've developed a symbiosis with one of the guys on the team. He knows the system because he wrote most of it. I know how to fix it once he explains the problem to me. That's a plus side.

The unfortunate thing is that I'm under pressure to produce some code now and I've been hindered by putting things back together on the code that we're going to throw out as soon as I'm done with my side (not quite, but uninterrupted, I would finish around the time that the other people finish their parts).

Apart from all that, things are fairly well. It seems like the one year mark is speedily approaching. So is my first paycheck. So are lots of things. I kinda wish I could speed the month along.

So relsqui and I went to Jeffery's tonight. It was OK. The waitress kinda knows me because I come in often enough and I crack jokes. We ended up eating food and playing cards. She kinda wanted us to quit hanging out there by the end. I got that impression strongly, but I was more interested in keeping relsqui happy, so we stuck around a little longer before leaving.

Ultimately a good night.

Good day too. Philadelphia beat Tampa Bay. That brings the series to 3-3 and forces the sudden death game 7. With any luck, Philadelphia will win and annihilate Calgary in the Stanley Cup Finals. I wish San Jose had won yesterday, but alas.

[For those who don't necessarily know me all that well, this is really the only stereotypical guy thing I do. It's mostly because I used to play hockey (as a goalie), so it's a tad more impressive to me when I watch the pros play the game. I don't actually care about the regular season, but I make a point of trying to watch the playoffs -- ed.]

Since it occurs to me, I should ask: Is anyone else familiar with VR 5? I have a number of the episodes on tape and I've been meaning to introduce relsqui to it. I should really seek out digitized copies though. Alack.
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