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One of the most amazing youtube videos I've seen: The space shuttle… - CERisE's Testing for L

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May 25th, 2011

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02:30 am
One of the most amazing youtube videos I've seen: The space shuttle from preparation to launch.

I was talking to level_head about it to get an idea of the scale of the building it's in right before launch. It's known as the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB). It's some 525 feet tall. Large enough to be seen in Orlando -- about 20 miles away.

I truly cannot wait to be in the area. STS-135 looks like a go in July.

Went to a wedding yesterday -- an old friend of mine from college. Well, it's really one of those acquaintances which is right on friendship. Anyway, we caught up again at a Mongolian BBQ place a while back and kept in touch. Anyway -- the wedding was nice. It was at a golf course, but I was seriously disappointed to learn that it involved no golf carts. Furthermore, no one even yelled "FORE!" in the midst of the ceremony.

Short, but sweet. Lots of waiting around though, so I did what I do best -- become the life of the party. No one at our table really knew anyone else, so I became the center of attention. Just telling stories and showing people a good time generally.

nyankoframe's getting ready for the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest. He was in it a couple of years ago and asked if someone else would come out with him as moral support. Circumstances beyond my control forced me to miss it, so I promised I'd make it out this year. I wish I'd planned ahead a bit more to have some time in Chicago, but it really couldn't be helped.

It turns out to be funny timing -- a friend of mine from IRC who lives in Chicago is out here for a 3-month internship. I took him out for game night tonight, but sadly, I won't be able to show him around during his first weekend out here. Oh well -- there's always next weekend. He tells me that things are different out here, but he can't quite put his finger on it exactly.

I dropped him off at work -- he's still not really sure about the streets around there, so he figured that was the most expedient way for him to get back. After I dropped him off, I made a quick turnaround, letting the rear slide out a bit to appear out of control. Gave a smile and a wave. Haven't seen him in IRC yet though. Maybe he never made it back?

Goofy happening at game night -- zetshia_gudani was supposed to pick up the game bag. This is a part of my new protocol -- I've been slowly replacing the contents of my game bag from when it was stolen. Anyway, I've been trying to keep it out of the car except for when I actually need it. Since K~ spends most of her time in the house, I leave it there and figure she'll pick it up and bring it down.

Well -- wires got crossed and for some reason she assumed I had brought the game bag, so it was kind of an anemic game night. Too bad since it was someone's last night, but it's how the signal bounces, right?

Anyway, zetshia_gudani asked me where the game bag was and I mentioned that I thought it was by the laundry closet. While I was on my way home, I remembered that the game bag was actually right by the TV -- about two feet from where she usually sits.

Apparently, she realized this because when I got home, the game bag had been moved to where I remembered it. Naturally, I called her on it and she came clean, mentioning that she'd hoped I wouldn't remember. ; )

None of that was nearly as interesting as I thought it would be. Oh well. At least I finally got around to posting! ; )

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Date:May 25th, 2011 01:04 pm (UTC)
That Old Time Playing Piano Contest seems pretty badass. Something I'd love to attend.

Furthermore, no one even yelled "FORE!" in the midst of the ceremony.

I'm surprised YOU didn't do that. If I had my wedding at a golfcourse, I would be disappointed if someone DIDN'T yell "FOOORRREEE!" in the middle of the ceremony complete with someone hitting a golfball over the entire audience.

Great your friend comes in as soon as I am back too! I'd like to come next Tuesday, but I don't think I will make it, so it will have to be in 2 Tuesdays.

Too bad I wasn't there when your bag got lost. I always have a deck of cards on me. If there is ever 4 of us, that's the perfect number for trick games. I still wanna play hearts and spades at game night.

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