Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Stayed up way too long last night showing zetshia_gudani the Tim Burton "Batman" movie.

1. The Batman voice is somewhat similar to the much-maligned new Batman's voice. Not quite as over the top or loud, but tonally very similar.
2. Jack Nicholson's Joker was better than I remember. I don't know why everyone discounted his shot at the role post-Dark-Knight.
3. Best soundtrack for a Batman movie. Say what you will about the man, but Prince rocks.
4. Special effects stood up pretty well, though the Gotham City parade seemed a lot smaller than I remembered.
5. Stop the press! Who's that? Vicky Vale. And I love those giant eyeglasses.
6. None of the anchors wear makeup after the Joker's commercial for Smilex cosmetics.
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