Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Before I tell you about the past 4 days, have a few chuckles at some poor unsuspecting sucker's expense

So yes. I got the job. They have one of the lamer websites in the world. It's totally stock Front Page. Fleah.

Basically, we build bad ass indexers. Give us a bunch of data and we give you articles and stuff back that matches your search precisely. None of this fuzzy google rankings stuff.

Best of all, they pay me. I'm making more money than I expected I was going to make for this job. I even have benefits. Fairly extensive ones too.

My first paycheck can't possibly come soon enough. It's going to extremely liberating to be back in the black. I'm going to have to summon every ounce of self determination I have to not begin living life the way I'd like to.

Nonetheless, I shall. Then I'll begin with the luxuries I've missed in this extended period. Jack's burgers. Frozen pizzas from Safeway. Movies I want to see. Endless drives down Highway 1. Nights driving like a bat out of hell on 17.

In a word: Freedom.

In a month's time, I will owe no one anything. My life will be mine own again. No more mind games with my parents. Just the endless road ahead and the journeys I want to take.

I'll be able to indulge relsqui's wants. I'll be able to indulge my wants.

Most of the past 3 days have been spent with the guy I'm replacing getting brain dumps of what the whole project looks like. I've got a pretty good mental picture. I know how to hack it to get what I need out of it.

The only problem: And those who know me will probably be shocked by this. I serve two purposes. The first is maintaining the current parts of the project which are written in Perl. The second is writing the replacement for those Java.

All the while, maintaining the systems. I imagine that I'll be charged with replacing Red Hat for Gentoo (yay!).

One regret: I haven't read LJ in some 4 days and my friends list has expanded into quite a backlog. As a result, I read the last 20 entries and I'm starting anew.
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