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I can't get no....satisfaction! - CERisE's Testing for L

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May 8th, 2004

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03:46 pm - I can't get no....satisfaction!

So I play walk.game-host.org:4000 for fun (that's Fizz's game).

I'd never played it before. I play it once and do OK and then die.

I play it a second time...go all the way down...get the Waffle of Satisfaction...come all the way back up...get to (0,0) where I'm supposed to win.


Here's the end of the session. I think it's somewhat appropriate that I go mad.

You are nearly starving.> i
You have killed 9 monsters.
You have 135 coins.
You are fighting with a spork (mundane).
You are on level 0 of the dungeon.
You are 0 rooms east of where you entered.
You are 0 rooms north of where you entered.
You have the Waffle of Satisfaction!

You are nearly starving.> q

You go mad.
You killed 9 monsters.
You had 135 coins.
You fought with a spork (mundane).
You were on level 0 of the dungeon.
You were 0 rooms east of where you entered.
You were 0 rooms north of where you entered.
You had the Waffle of Satisfaction!

After code diving for a bit, I failed to find a way that I could win. So I quit and went mad because I couldn't leave.

However, this does make me the first person to win. XD

EDIT: The test that'll win the game is if latitude=0, longitude=0, and has_artifact=1. We can tell that those were all set to the right values by the endgame info.

If I had found a workaround (e.g. some quirky circumstances that would have put me in the same code), I could have won. Anything requiring an edit would done no good though. Scripts are loaded into memory. Once they do so, there is effectively no resemblance between the file and the running copy.

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