Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

And the kite flying continues 8)

Yesterday we were supposed to go out with knight3d and
squeekiemouse, but both of them found reasons to not hang
out with us. Pfft. Coachella. Pfft. ; )

Luckily, we talked koneko666, Marie, and stimpy666
to come along. I'd never met stimpy666 before, so that was
kinda neat.

We were flying my pro-cat at first, but the wind was pretty weak on
the east side of the hill there. We changed it out for stimpy666's
kite (a much lighter hyper kite), which had more success, at the cost
of less pull. We ended up elbowing our way over the hill and to better

One of the more amusing occurances: There was a gay couple sitting out
under the kite reading books. koneko666 took one for the team and
attempted long distance anal penetration via kite. He claims it was an
accident. I'll say. He didn't even lube it first!

Marie talked us into going to Au Coquelet. stimpy666 parted in

When we got there, there was a lesbian couple behind us. One girl who was
very much into the butch style of things and another one who caught my eye
somewhat. Shoulder length blond hair and a nice set of blue eyes. While in
line we were kinda playing the "I'm-checking-you-out-but-I'm-not-actually-
checking-you-out" game.

After we were done ordering, we sat down. As it turned out, the couple sat
down at the table next to us. I didn't really notice, but I noticed later
that she was _seriously_ checking me out. Like, I caught her staring at me
a few times. I noticed her partner looking over at me a few times (which
was probably a reaction).

As we left, I decided to have a little fun with it and be certain that she
actually was checking me out, so I got up in a circuitous way which allowed
me an extended period to make eye contact with her. She not only instantly
made eye contact, but smiled. I gave her a send off in my usual number 6
way and headed out.

It's extremely ego boosting at times to have folks look at you approvingly.
It makes for fun use of one's imagination to think about how you would have
handled the situation had you been single and so on. It makes me kinda wish
I'd made a point of at least talking to her or getting her number or some
such. It's always nice to have a friend who makes for nice eye candy.
Especially when your gf agrees. 8)

It makes me wonder why some people get annoyed about it at times. A lot of
it seems to be "I don't find that person attractive, therefore they'd better
not find me attractive" which is enormously stupid. The oldest, ugliest,
stupidest, offensive person on the face of the planet could have a long
lingering glance at me and I'd be pleased to make the world a prettier place.

After chatting with relsqui about the interaction, we were joking
that we should hang out at Coquelet more often.

Mom made _really_ yummy cake which was kinda interesting. It kinda exploded.
Really, the top separated from the rest of the cake. She made frosting and
custard and ended up using the custard to put the top back on it.

relsqui once again forced me to take notice of just how exactly
wonderful she is by sneaking some frosting out of the bowl when Mom wasn't
looking and giving it to me. Apparently, Mom was worried that there wasn't
going to be enough, so it was kind of a dicey operation.

The thing that magnifies the "OH MY GOD! YOU ROXOR!" factor is that she
didn't take any for herself.

That's my kinda girl right there 8)

I emailed my friend who claims to have a job for me. Turns out that he and
his boss haven't been in sync and so I _still_ haven't had my interview.
I'm beginning to smell disappointment yet again. At least the week's been
good in other ways.

By the by, we're still in Berky. Drop us a line if you want to fly kites
hang out ;) I imagine we'll be here through this week.
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