Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

My guide to etiquette with facebook examples:

Wes: Your love of wires and cables heavily influenced me. Additionally I could really use your help in developing a better way to MIDI sync laptops. Would love to get your input!

Me: Man -- I'm still just as bad with wires and cables. I almost can't set my feet down around my command center because of the swirl of game controllers, ethernet cords, and USB devices.

Dunno if you ever saw the Armory, but I think I learned ...advanced cable entanglement living there. 8)

I assume you're trying to sync live MIDI? If you aren't, then chain one laptop into the other and that'll guarantee the same MIDI clock. Easy.

The best way, I should think, is to have an external clock source (i.e. some other MIDI device) plugged into both laptops. You have to be real careful with clock skew though. It's probably straight paranoia, but I'd recommend running an NTP daemon on both systems as well.

Some friend of Wes: Or have one be the master and one be the slave... you need to meet my roommate Wes you guys would instantly be boys, your picture looks like my living room

Nothing is more annoying than putting the effort into a good response and having some passing nincompoop repeat something that you just said. This idiot received his comeuppance when I referred him to why it was a bad idea to chain MIDI devices when you're trying to play live.

It seems to me like this is happening more. I think people really are losing the ability to focus on the written word.
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