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Last night, I saw Paul & Storm & Jonathan Coulton in their yearly… - CERisE's Testing for L

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January 21st, 2011

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05:08 pm
Last night, I saw Paul & Storm & Jonathan Coulton in their yearly show at the Great American Music Hall.

+ The sense of fashion displayed by the waitresses is pretty inventive, although it seems mandated that they wear only dark colors.
- Most of the waitresses wore things that signal heavily that they're cute, even though most of them weren't really.
- The food and drinks were too small & overpriced.
+ New material from everyone!
- Somehow, the show always drags a little. I always forget about it until part way through the show when I start getting a little bored with the act.
+ The whole crowd heckles the three of them periodically, so the environment is much closer to a bunch of people sitting in a room and trying to one-up each other, except that the crowd plays as a single entity and generally gets the better of them.
- Probably related to the terrible seating at the GAMH
+ Being recognized by a couple of people at the show from last year. One of them remembered that I wore my pith helmet last year which I probably did -- I like the combination of my pith helmet + "Welcome to Skullcrusher Mountain" + khaki shorts + boots. Something about it makes everyone want to say "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"
+ One of them's a possible game night person.
- It was eminently obvious that they've gotten so big that they don't remember the people who go to that show.
- I feel like I need to watch M*A*S*H and Marx brothers movies again to re-center my comedic talents. They've been stagnating.

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