Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

My new year's day

The New Year started off right. When I woke up on New Years Day, Meg noticed, ran over to lay on my ankle, and purr loudly. Right about then, zetshia_gudani rolled over in her sleep and put her leg on Meg. Meg sneaked out from under it, got herself under zetshia_gudani's blanket and started attacking her feet. She awoke to that, complaining of Meg being frisky. I laughed and thought to myself: "I've raised a fuzzy wumpus of justice and I couldn't possibly be more proud."

Came out and turned on the TV. My god, Los Angeles is pretty this morning. Instantly nostalgia for marching band. I kinda enjoy not being a musician right now. Especially since I get stopped by people a fair amount who insist that I'm a musician.

(And since when did hat + t-shirt + jeans = musician anyway? It's especially awkward when people insist they've seen me on TV and continue to hound me in the hopes that I'll break down and sig....hey, wait a second! That's a brilliant idea! I'm going to start signing things for those precious few people!)

My parents got me a present when I came down this last year. One of the things they got me was a clock from ThinkGeek. The interesting bit is that my parents know me well enough to distinguish between pseudo-geek things and actually somewhat interesting bits. They saw a couple of binary clocks in a catalog and remembered the hexadecimal clock I wired up when I was in junior high. I never have gotten around to remaking one due to a mixture of priorities and second-system effect.

So, here's your testing4l quiz for the new year. Which clock would I appreciate more:


Which clock would testing4l like most?


In other news, Strange Days was way better than I remembered.
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