Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

So, zetshia_gudani succeeded in falling down some steps. Unfortunately, she did not stick the landing. She hurt her ankle a bit. In spite of that, the Romanian judge gave her a strangely high 3.6, so while the IOC is looking into allegations there, I shouldn't really add anything else.

Last night was a tremendously dull hockey game. At least if you're a Sharks fan. Luckily, my strange attractor was on overdrive. I left zetshia_gudani at the arena and walked back to the parking structure with the intent of driving back over to pick her up.

Along the way, a tremendously drunk gal decided to try and pick me up. In spite of the fact that her mom and dad were there. After a few pleasantries, we came down to:

Me: "So, I guess you like guys with long hair?"
Her: "Well -- I just like boys."
Me: "Do you like girls too?"

(Now, at this point, I'd expected she'd be aware of her parents for some goofy reason and that she'd say "No". I'd planned on the follow-up: "Oh, then I bet you'd hate my girlfriend..." Instead:)

Her: "I love girls"
Parents: [stunned silence]
Me [to Parents]: "I bet you didn't know that about your daughter!"

New Year's Eve plans seem nonexistent across the board. Since zetshia_gudani is immobile, I think I'm going to plan on a small gathering. Strange Days -- one of my favorite films -- seems like a good choice for this year. Anyone up for hanging out at my pad?

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