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For those of us keeping track -- Comment the first Comment the… - CERisE's Testing for L — LiveJournal

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December 10th, 2010

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01:38 am
For those of us keeping track --

Comment the first
Comment the second

And now, on facebook, best comment ever part ]I[
anarchodandyist: Well, my eyeballs are pretty angry with me, but I have PERIPHERAL VISION GUYS.

knight3d: oh yeah? did you stare at lasers?

anarchodandyist: Nope, got hard contacts.

SomeOtherDude: but glasses are sexy...

anarchodandyist: It's true, SomeOtherDude. But not having to get a new (expensive) prescription in both your regular glasses and your sunglasses every year is also sexy.

testing4l: anarchodandyist: I would do your glasses and your not-glasses. In fact, if I could get your glasses and not-glasses into a bar and get them both drunk, then I would totally videotape myself having a threesome with both your glasses and your not-glasses,

And then I would put it on the Internet to share with the world!

anarchodandyist: You remain the undisputed king of the comments, testing4l.

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