Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Birthdays galore. Geez people -- didn't your parents have sex on a day that wasn't St. Phil's day?!

Possibly the best tattoo + photo I've ever seen:

I've come to the conclusion that second-order thought is absent from our society. People perform acts without considering what will happen immediately after they perform that act. For example, someone attempted to make a left turn in front of me in a parking lot. They would have only made about half the turn, owing to the traffic build up. Worse, they would have blocked my path straight ahead in their self-centered haste.

This is a pattern I see more and more. There is a high correlation between smartphone use and this sort of behavior. It used to be OK once in a while. Someone did something boneheaded, you rolled your eyes at them, and you got on with life. Now everyone's doing it. I believe this is why people think we're getting dumber as a society. No one bothers concentrating on things anymore. I think the ability to focus on something is highly underrated and one's presumed expertise at a given task without focusing on it is highly overrated.

It's like we're all stuck in Piaget's concrete operational stage.

Turkey day is quickly approaching. It's tomorrow in fact. My sister will turn 37 and I will laugh and laugh and laugh at how much older she is than me.

Thanksgiving is a few days after that. I'll be in LA for it. I'm aiming to catch up with divine_delirium for a bit on Sunday on the way back up. stonesundial has agreed to wumpus-sit which is awfully kind of her, considering it's such short notice.

Dad turned 73 on the 20th. I couldn't help but think that 73 (--... ...--) is Morse shorthand for "goodbye". I hope not. I'd be disappointed if I didn't get to call him a triple quarter, all things considered. I got him a set of beautiful books on the SR-71 -- which I may have mentioned previously.

I got to dust off some old brain cells today. A cow-orker was trying to install CentOS on a system which has Fedora on it. Moreover, he's trying to dual boot. Because Fedora uses LVM, he needed to "repartition" things. Not knowing for sure whether or not CentOS would install on a logical volume, I ended up having to reduce the size of the file system, shrink the logical volume, resize the physical volume allocation, and then repartition the hard disk itself. I haven't honestly touched LVM in at least six years -- when I put boogeyman together and decided I needed to attach some of the boot disk to the RAID for a few measly gigabytes.

That's all I've got for now. Time for me to read over some more VM code. I think I'm going to try posting smaller bits in LJ for a while to get myself back in the habit of posting things that are slightly larger than a thought and smaller than a short story.
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