Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Dino De Laurentiis. 8/8/1919 - 11/11/2010

2007 Virgin Territory (producer)

2007 The Last Legion (producer)

2007 Hannibal Rising (producer)

2002 Red Dragon (producer)

2001 Hannibal (producer)

2000 U-571 (producer)

1997/I Breakdown (producer)

1996 Unforgettable (producer)

1995 Slave of Dreams (TV movie) (producer)

1995 Assassins (executive producer)

1995 Solomon & Sheba (TV movie) (producer)

1993 Body of Evidence (producer)

1992 Army of Darkness (executive producer)

1992 Once Upon a Crime... (producer)

1991 Sometimes They Come Back (TV movie) (executive producer)

1990 Desperate Hours (producer)

1986 King Kong Lives (executive producer)

1986 Tai-Pan (executive producer)

1986 Manhunter (producer)

1986 Maximum Overdrive (executive producer)

1985 Silver Bullet (producer)

1985 Year of the Dragon (producer)

1985 Cat's Eye (producer)

1984 Dune (executive producer)

1984 Conan the Destroyer (executive producer)

1984 The Bounty (executive producer)

1983 The Dead Zone (executive producer - uncredited)

1982 Amityville II: The Possession (producer)

1982 Conan the Barbarian (executive producer - uncredited)

1981 Ragtime (producer)

1980 Flash Gordon (producer)

1979 Hurricane (producer)

1978 King of the Gypsies (executive producer)

1978 The Brink's Job (executive producer)

1977 The Serpent's Egg (producer)

1977 Orca (executive producer)

1977 The White Buffalo (executive producer)

1976 King Kong (producer)

1976 Drum (producer)

1976 Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson (executive producer)

1976 Lipstick (executive producer)

1975 Three Days of the Condor (executive producer - uncredited)

1975 Mandingo (producer)

1974 Turn the Other Cheek (producer)

1974 Death Wish (producer - uncredited)

1974 Tough Guys (producer)

1974 Crazy Joe (producer)

1974 Neveroyatnye priklyucheniya italyantsev v Rossii (producer)

1973 Serpico (executive producer)

1973 Chino (producer - uncredited)

1972 La più bella serata della mia vita (producer)

1972 Lo Scopone scientifico (producer)

1972 Boccaccio (producer)

1972 Cause of Divorce (producer)

1972 La violenza: Quinto potere (producer)

1972 The Valachi Papers (producer)

1971 Io non vedo, tu non parli, lui non sente (producer)

1971 Liberation (producer)

1971 The Deserter (producer)

1970 A Man Called Sledge (producer)

1970/I Waterloo (executive producer, producer)

1970 Io non scappo... fuggo (producer)

1969 A Brief Season (producer)

1969 Il primo premio si chiama Irene (documentary) (producer)

1969 Barbagia (producer)

1969 Attraction (producer)

1969 The Bandit (producer)

1969 Fraulein Doktor (producer)

1968 Bandits in Rome (producer)

1968 Barbarella (producer)

1968 Anzio (producer)

1968 Capriccio all'italiana (producer)

1968 The Violent Four (producer)

1968 L'odissea (TV mini-series) (producer)

1968 Danger: Diabolik (producer)

1968 Vietnam, guerra e pace (documentary) (producer)

1967 Lo straniero (producer)

1967 Matchless (producer)

1967 The Witches (producer)

1967 Vietnam guerra senza fronte (documentary) (producer)

1966 The Bible: In the Beginning... (producer)

1966 Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (executive producer)

1965 Battle of the Bulge (executive producer - uncredited)

1965 Le tigre se parfume à la dynamite (producer)

1965 I tre volti (producer)

1965 Menage Italian Style (producer)

1965 Thrilling (producer)

1964 The Flying Saucer (producer)

1964 My Wife (producer)

1964 Corpse for the Lady (producer)

1963 Il boom (producer)

1963 To Bed or Not to Bed (producer)

1963 The Hours of Love (producer)

1963 Il processo di Verona (producer)

1963 The Thursday (producer)

1963 The Teacher from Vigevano (producer)

1962 Mafioso (executive producer)

1962 The Police Commissioner (executive producer)

1962 Le pillole di Ercole (producer)

1961 Barabbas (producer)

1961 A Difficult Life (producer)

1961 The Last Judgment (producer)

1961 The Best of Enemies (executive producer)

1961 Il re di Poggioreale (producer)

1961 Goliath and the Vampires (executive producer)

1961 The Fascist (executive producer)

1961 ...And Suddenly It's Murder! (producer)

1960 Everybody Go Home (producer)

1960 Under Ten Flags (producer)

1960 5 Branded Women (producer)

1960 Il gobbo (producer)

1960 I Love, You Love (documentary) (executive producer)

1959 The Great War (producer)

1958 Tempest (producer)

1958 Fortunella (producer)

1958 This Angry Age (producer)

1958 Maid, Thief and Guard (producer)

1957 Nights of Cabiria (producer)

1957 Guendalina (executive producer)

1957 Malafemmena (producer)

1956 War and Peace (producer)

1955 The Miller's Beautiful Wife (producer)

1955 Eighteen Year Olds (producer)

1955 Girls of Today (producer)

1954 The River Girl (co-producer - as Dino de Laurentiis)

1954 Siluri umani (producer)

1954 Attila (producer)

1954 An American in Rome (producer)

1954 The Gold of Naples (producer)

1954 Woman of Rome (producer)

1954 Ulysses (producer)

1954 Mambo (producer)

1954 La strada (producer)

1954 Poverty and Nobility (producer)

1954 Dov'è la libertà...? (producer)

1954 Un giorno in pretura (producer - uncredited)

1953 Easy Years (producer)

1953 She Wolf (co-producer)

1953 The Unfaithfuls (producer)

1953 Hell Raiders of the Deep (producer)

1952 Brothers of Italy (producer)

1952 I tre corsari (producer)

1952 Girls Marked Danger (producer)

1952 The Greatest Love (associate producer)

1952 Gli undici moschettieri (documentary) (producer)

1952 Jolanda, the Daughter of the Black Corsair (producer)

1952 Toto in Color (producer)

1951 Anna (producer)

1951 Guardie e ladri (producer)

1951 Il padrone del vapore (producer)

1951 Last Meeting (producer)

1951 Toto the Third Man (producer)

1951 Accidents to the Taxes!! (producer)

1950 Outlaw Girl (producer)

1950 Side Street Story (co-producer)

1950 Romanticismo (producer)

1949 Lure of the Sila (producer)

1949 Adam and Eve (producer)

1949 Bitter Rice (producer)

1949 The Firemen of Viggiu (producer)

1948 The Mysterious Rider (producer)

1948 Molti sogni per le strade (producer)

1947 La figlia del capitano (producer)

1946 The Bandit (producer)

1946 Return of the Black Eagle (producer)

1941 L'amore canta (producer)

If the powers that be won't let us have you, we shall be content with your works. Live forever.
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