Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

I pretty much never post stuff like this, but seriously.

(And yeah -- I half-seriously flirt like this with pretty much every girl I know.)

14:45 <@root_> nantinkspink: Nanda!
14:45 <+nantinkspink> root_: testing4l!
14:45 <@root_> nantinkspink: I have a set of handcuffs and I've been looking for someone to use them with. ; )
14:45 <+nantinkspink> root_: UR GF
14:46 <+nantinkspink> root_: lol
14:46 <@root_> nantinkspink: Nonono. She wants someone to try them with too.
14:46 <+nantinkspink> root_: lol
14:47 <@root_> nantinkspink: I was thinking of tracking you down, hogtying you, covering you in syrup...
14:47 <@root_> nantinkspink: AND THEN TAKING YOU TO GAME NIGHT! 8D
14:47 <@root_> nantinkspink: I'd probably nix the syrup. It'd probably make the car sticky.
14:47 <+nantinkspink> root_: depends what flavor of syrup?
14:47 <@root_> nantinkspink: Well, you know me. I like everything sweet. ; )
14:48 <@root_> nantinkspink: And everyone. ; )
14:48 <+nantinkspink> root_: you're kinda like Jack from Doctor Who then aren't you
14:48 <+nantinkspink> root_: :-P
14:49 <@root_> nantinkspink: Not really. I find guys bitter.
14:49 <+nantinkspink> root_: but you said everyone :-(
14:49 <@root_> nantinkspink: Yeah. I don't know why I think they're bitter. I assume it has something to do with testosterone overdose.
14:50 <@root_> nantinkspink: (Fun fact: Three of my exes have said that I'm the manliest guy they've ever dated.)
14:50 <+nantinkspink> root_: pfff manly
14:51 <@root_> nantinkspink: I might add that in every case they said it out of the blue. And it was after we'd stopped dating.
14:51 <@root_> nantinkspink: /me shrugs
14:51 <+nantinkspink> root_: you gotta define manly. there are too many definitions
14:53 <+nantinkspink> root_: why do i feel like ive had this convo with yo XD hahha
14:53 <+nantinkspink> root_: im watching scott pilgrim and eating a sandwhich
14:54 <@root_> nantinkspink: I ordered that, but it hasn't gotten to me yet. =/
14:54 <@root_> nantinkspink: Also, I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure I've *never* flirted with you before.
14:54 <@root_> nantinkspink: I definitely haven't *really* hit on you yet. ; )
14:55 <@root_> nantinkspink: Anyway, Scott Pilgrim's the best film I've seen since Moon.
14:55 <+nantinkspink> root_: NOOOOO You're not suppose to say that
14:55 <@root_> nantinkspink: I dig it ALMOST as much as I dig Speed Racer.
14:55 <+nantinkspink> root_: im watchign this
14:55 <+nantinkspink> root_: only because
14:55 <+nantinkspink> root_: my friend was liek "WATCH IT DID YOU WATCH IT YET DID YOU DID YOU DID YOOU DID YOU"
14:55 <+nantinkspink> root_: sooo im trying not to like it
14:55 <@root_> nantinkspink: You know what you should do?
14:55 <+nantinkspink> root_: :-P
14:56 <+nantinkspink> root_: no
14:56 <@root_> nantinkspink: You should stop watching it right now.
14:56 <+nantinkspink> root_: why
14:56 <@root_> nantinkspink: And then, when I get it, you should come over to my place 8)
14:56 <+nantinkspink> root_: XD
14:56 <@root_> nantinkspink: And then we can watch it until you're bored.
14:56 <@root_> nantinkspink: Then I can help you with programming until you're bored.
14:57 <@root_> nantinkspink: And then we can make out until the morning. ; )
14:57 <+nantinkspink> root_: what if i get bored of that
14:57 <@root_> nantinkspink: With making out? Well -- I have other tricks up my sleeve...
14:57 <+nantinkspink> root_: no wrong answer, "then we watch doctor who"
14:57 <+nantinkspink> root_: oh shit
14:58 <+nantinkspink> root_: edgar wright directed this movie
14:58 <@root_> nantinkspink: Yes. Yes he did.
14:58 <@root_> nantinkspink: It's like he took a shot of himself intravenously.
14:58 <@root_> nantinkspink: Seriously. Stop watching it. Watch it at my place.
14:58 <@root_> nantinkspink: It's been, like, forever since we've hung out.
14:59 <@root_> nantinkspink: Also, I have the comics. 8)
14:59 <@root_> nantinkspink: Also, also, I don't think zetshia_gudani will want to watch the commentary with me. She doesn't get film like that.
15:00 <+nantinkspink> root_: lol i wont watch commentary
15:00 <+nantinkspink> root_: dont*
15:00 <+nantinkspink> root_: even for harry potter
15:00 <@root_> nantinkspink: Perfect!
15:00 <@root_> nantinkspink: Then you can come over and make out with Kami while I watch the commentary. 8D
15:00 <+nantinkspink> root_: XD
15:00 <+nantinkspink> root_: haha
15:01 <@root_> nantinkspink: She's been trying to get me to make an OKC profile.
15:01 <@root_> nantinkspink: She wants me to pick up girls from her and I'm like "Noooooo!"
15:01 <@root_> nantinkspink: *ahem*
15:01 <@root_> nantinkspink: She wants me to pick up girls for her and I'm like Noooooo!"
15:02 <+nantinkspink> root_: most guys would say "Yesssss!'
15:02 <@root_> nantinkspink: I would, but it'd mean actually creating an online profile.
15:02 <@root_> nantinkspink: Besides, I have too many people I already know who I don't hang out with enough.
15:03 <@root_> nantinkspink: You're #1 with a bullet.
15:03 <@root_> nantinkspink: I've been trying to imagine the set of circumstances I'd have to get together to ever see you again. ; )
15:03 <+nantinkspink> root_: crazy random happenstance
15:04 <@root_> nantinkspink: To be fair, I haven't seen any of the new, new, new Doctor.
15:04 <@root_> nantinkspink: That is, post David Tennant.
15:04 <+nantinkspink> root_: oh ok
15:04 <+nantinkspink> root_: well
15:04 <+nantinkspink> root_: eleven is very good
15:04 <@root_> nantinkspink: Netflix only had it on DVD. I wonder if they've moved it to instant yet?
15:05 <@root_> nantinkspink: Yeah, still only as DVDs. =/
15:05 <@root_> nantinkspink: And holy crap, that netflix page is full of spoilers!
15:06 <+nantinkspink> root_: its interesting, very different feel
15:06 <+nantinkspink> root_: i just rewatched it the past few weeks
15:06 <+nantinkspink> root_: lol spoilers
15:06 <+nantinkspink> root_: RIVER FUCKING SONG
15:06 <+nantinkspink> root_: <3 her
15:06 <@root_> nantinkspink: Luckily, that still has no meaning for me. I hope that remains. 8)
15:07 <+nantinkspink> root_: :-)
15:08 <@root_> nantinkspink: Ok -- so what does it take to kidnap you? I tried bribery and I'm working up to extortion. ; )
15:09 <+nantinkspink> root_: i dunno
15:09 <+nantinkspink> root_: im generally a hermit and dont hang out with anyone outside of school anyways XD
15:09 <@root_> nantinkspink: I'm *like* school. You learn all sorts of interesting crap from me. ; )
15:10 <@root_> nantinkspink: And you know how much I like to grade your work. ; )
15:11 <+nantinkspink> root_: but your not school cause that means i have to wary from my usual route XD
15:12 <@root_> nantinkspink: Not really. You'd just have to go "Wow, that's a cool car." and get in. 8)
15:12 <@root_> nantinkspink: By the time you realize you're not doing your usual routine, you'll be having too much fun to care. 8D
15:15 <@root_> nantinkspink: Are you on OKC?
15:15 <@root_> nantinkspink: That'd be my last excuse not to do it, right there.
15:15 <+nantinkspink> root_: i think so?
15:16 <+nantinkspink> root_: i never go on it, my friend made me get one
15:16 <+nantinkspink> root_: couple years ago
15:16 <@root_> nantinkspink: *sighs*
15:16 <@root_> nantinkspink: Then I'll have to make one.
15:16 <@root_> nantinkspink: At least I have a good, recent picture 8)
15:17 <@root_> nantinkspink:
15:17 <@root_> nantinkspink: That was my Halloween costume.
15:17 <+nantinkspink> root_: monopolyyy!
15:18 <@root_> nantinkspink: Holy crap! You too?!?!
15:18 <+nantinkspink> root_: what
15:18 <@root_> nantinkspink: My cow-orker thought so too, but that totally wasn't what I was going for.
15:18 <+nantinkspink> root_: but you hve the bag
15:18 <+nantinkspink> root_: but your suit is
15:18 <@root_> nantinkspink: I'd've needed to shave off my beard and have a cane!
15:18 <@root_> nantinkspink: and a white moustache! and be bald!
15:18 <+nantinkspink> root_: yeah
15:18 <+nantinkspink> root_: um not KFC colonel
15:18 <@root_> nantinkspink: Definitely not.
15:19 <+nantinkspink> root_: though he has jk he doesnt have a monocle
15:19 <+nantinkspink> root_: hint?
15:19 <@root_> nantinkspink: Hint: Picture me next to a set of railroad tracks.
15:20 <+nantinkspink> root_: uhh
15:21 <@root_> nantinkspink: I was really just going as a vaudeville/silent film villain.
15:21 <@root_> nantinkspink: Like
15:22 <@root_> nantinkspink: No one -- unless they've read Victorian literature -- would get who I actually was copying.
15:22 <+nantinkspink> root_: ohhh i see
15:22 <+nantinkspink> root_: kinda like
15:22 <+nantinkspink> root_: uh
15:23 <@root_> nantinkspink: The other guess I got a lot of was Snidely Whiplash or Dick Dastardly.
15:23 <+nantinkspink> root_: well im just thinking of every evil character i know with stache's
15:23 <@root_> nantinkspink: Both of those are based on the character I was copying, at least.
15:23 <@root_> nantinkspink: Awww -- are you calling me evil?
15:24 <+nantinkspink> root_: no lol , you said you're a villain
15:24 <+nantinkspink> root_: for your costume
15:24 <@root_> nantinkspink: So then you're not calling me evil? ; )
15:24 <+nantinkspink> root_: not calling you anything lol
15:25 <@root_> nantinkspink: You should change that. My number's xxx-xxx-xxxx. Then you can call me anything you want. ; )
15:26 <+nantinkspink> root_: XD
15:32 <@root_> nantinkspink: I don't know if I told you, but there's a couple of girls who are game night regulars now.
15:32 <@root_> nantinkspink: Both of them work at the library.
15:39 <@root_> nantinkspink: Oooh! My copy of Scott Pilgrim just shipped today!
15:39 <@root_> nantinkspink: I just got the email!
15:40 <@root_> nantinkspink: It'll be here in 4 short days.
15:40 <@root_> nantinkspink: Then you could totally watch it on blue ray with a super nice TV.
15:40 <+nantinkspink> root_: lol
15:40 <+nantinkspink> root_: tooo late
15:41 <@root_> nantinkspink: I really super should just give up on you.
15:41 <@root_> nantinkspink: There's, like, no combination of things I can do to make you want to hang out with me.
15:42 <@root_> nantinkspink: Whatever.
15:44 <@root_> nantinkspink: I still dig you and all, but seriously, I'm through trying to talk you into hanging out.
15:45 <+nantinkspink> root_: ok :3

This person used to go to game night regularly. All kinds of cool, cute, and fun. I talked to her after her boyfriend broke up with her and helped her through all that.

I haven't seen her in around two years in spite of the fact that she lives a trivial distance from me.

I don't mind setting up cool stuff to do and finding people to do it with, but when I try to get you to hang out for the 80,000th time and you can't be bothered to show even a hint of interest, then it doesn't matter how cool I think you are. I am done with you. There are way more people out there that I can put effort into with way greater reward.
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