Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

The Future is Here, people!

The Japanese have succeeded in making the predictions of William Gibson and Howard Tayler (some 4 years afterwards) come true.

We now have a holographic pop idol. She looks real enough to the people who bought tickets for the show. She looks real enough to me. And, indeed, this is a live performance.

How do they do it? Well -- there's a bit of magic there, but my gut instinct is that it's similar to an old Victorian stage trick involving a somewhat transparent mirror at an angle to a sheet of glass. It's commonly called Pepper's ghost.

Still -- that's not the most interesting bit to me. The question is how real can they actually make her? My suspicion is that they could make her very real indeed -- seemingly as human as CGI will allow. Think of Avatar here.

I strongly suspect that it's related to an odd principle called the Uncanny Valley which was theorized by a Japanese roboticist who noticed that there was a point at which human analogues became real enough to creep people out. At this point, they're repellent and tend to evoke negative reactions.

In principle, there's a later point where things become still more real and can no longer distinguish them from human.

(Side note: "39's giving" is an odd phrasing. Three nine in Japanese can be pronounced as "san-kyuu" which is similar to "thank you" or "thank". I'm also told that it can also be pronounced as "Miku", so it may have been a pun.)

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