Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Hee! is the model of a modern U.S. President.

A few other articles which I've been slowly going through:
Who killed California? - an attempt at summarizing why California's in the ...err.... state that it is.
A NY Times and New Yorker article about the Kochs behind the Tea Party.
A radical pessimist's guide to the next 10 years
A reminder that "anything you put on the internet will be there, forever and ever, until someone turns out the lights on Planet Earth"

And since I can't possibly stay serious for this long:
SNES games online! Whee.

In other news, I took the wumpuses into the vet today. Meg has become a healthy 14.5 lbs beast of muscle and claw. Tera's a bit lighter, but she's not feeling well. She developed a urinary tract infection last night, so I'm giving her drops. The two of them took the journey surprisingly gracefully. Tera, as always, was a sweetie at the vet. Meg was perfectly OK with me putting her on the scale, but a raging terror to the vet & the assistants. Fortunately, they have cat gloves! 8)

We also got them their new round of vaccines, so they've been lazing around all day. Absolutely dead for most of the day.

zetshia_gudani has been obsessively going between episodes of Kyo Kara Maoh and Dan Savage podcasts.

Today happens to be the birthday of an acquaintance who's been dead some two years or so. I find myself being more friendly with him now that he's dead -- one of the joys of Facebook. He used to hang out in #xkcd, was diagnosed with leukemia, and finally wiped out by a flu that sneaked in after a chemo treatment.

He had a good sense of humor about it. He put a blogspot page up and intended to write a dead man's switch for it. He never did. I offered to write a timescript page for when he was expected to die, but it never happened.

On Facebook, two years ago I said "Happy birthday, you corpse. Figure out how to become a zombie already, neh?" on his wall.

This year, I said "Happy birthday. You're dead, but if you weren't, you'd likely be telling us about how awesome Haskell is." on his wall. I bet he would too.

I miss the game night I used to run, especially since I just got a big shipment of games. I need to recruit people for a new one, but the twin forces of a lack of location and people make that hard.

A perfectly lovely person asked me to install Net::OSCAR today. I did and gave her a hint towards something even more awesome, but I'm not sure if she got it or not. I guess we'll see.

I have ANOTHER post coming eventually, but I need to think just a wee bit more. divine_delirium will understand when I say I need 1 more.

Oh -- Shark season started last night. Bleah.

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