Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

The new year has come. Some thoughts on it from one of my favorite movies (Strange Days, 1995).
Every paradigm on Earth is falling apart at the same
time... every system, vision, constitution, revelation...
is breaking down. Being toppled or abandoned... all at
the same time! And you know what really scares me?
There's no new ideas. Everything's been done. Rock
music, punk music, rap music, techno, techno-Mex... long
hair, short hair... no hair. Doesn't it feel like
everything's been tried? Whaddya do that's new?
Something new in art? Forget it. Somebody somewhere has
done it. Clothes, music... it's all been done. How you
gonna make it another thousand years, for Chrissake? I'm
telling you, it ain't happening. We used it up. It's
over. You hungry?
Not really. I mean what's the point? Nothing changes New
Years day. The economy sucks, gas is over three bucks a gallon,
fifth grade kids are shooting each other at recess... the whole
thing sucks, right? So what the hell are we celebrating?

My new years started to suck in that I went to a semi-boring party.
It was livened up considerably by a couple of things (like seeing how
many balloons it takes to lift my ponytail).

It improved when we went to an off-shoot of that party which had alcohol.
I couldn't really drink, but I had a little. Yummy sushi too.

All in all, it was OK. It could've been better for a 7 month milestone.

Then again, anything that puts an end to 2003 is a good thing. Bleah.
What an awful year.
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