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Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Holy cow, that concert was AWESOME!

I mentioned briefly that I went to see Freezepop on Saturday in San Francisco. The venue was crap, the sound engineering was crap, but the music was awesome. Aerodrone opened for them, Ming & Ping came on after them, and Freezepop followed.

The funny bit was that zetshia_gudani had no idea what concert I'd brought her to. She's a huge fan of Freezepop, but I managed to maneuver her by all the signs without her noticing.

Aerodrone was a kinda hip-hop/rap thing. I wasn't crazy about them. About halfway through their set, they thanked Ming & Ping and Freezepop. zetshia_gudani squeed when she realized she was at a Freezepop concert and declared me "the best boyfriend ever."

(Don't worry -- she came to her senses the day after and rescinded it)

Ming & Ping were awesome. They had a guy in a monkey suit who was probably trying to kill me. The venue had, like, no air circulation, so it was hot as hell in there. I have no idea how the guy in the monkey suit kept dancing his heart out. He had to have been all kinds of dehydrated and unhappy inside. Anyway, whenever I'd start to get tired/dehydrated/whatever, he'd lock eyes with me and encourage me to get back to it.

Freezepop was seriously hurt by the completely crappy sound, but the other Sean T Drinkwater put on an awesome show. He shredded the hell out of "Less Talk More Rokk". They played two encores and ended on "Don't Stop Believin'".

Afterwards, we chatted up Ming and got him to sign a couple CDs.

Well, they had another concert tonight in Sacramento and I pretty much had to go. Scooted out of work on the early side to make the 2 hour drive. This time, I was prepared. I brought one of my guitar hero guitars and had bought a bunch of little girl panties which I had stashed in my pocket. I was ready to rock.

(On a side note, buying little girls's panties on your own is a super creepy thing to do. I recommend trying it. Be sure to add a bit of surreality to everyone's day by talking to other peoples's kids!)

I allowed 3 hours and got there in time to start the line outside the venue which apparently had only one door. Pretty much all the band members walked by us at some point which was itself kinda awesome.

It took them forever to finish the sound check, so we got to know the people next to us at the head of the line. At some point in that, we heard Liz E singing the Smurf song.

Doors were supposed to open at 8. Around 8:30, Liz came out to go across the street. She said, "Sorry it's taking so long." and pretty much all was forgiven.

Doors finally opened at 8:40 or so. Aerodrome took a little while to start and I (jokingly) yelled "Less Sound Check, More Rock!"

Aerodrome was way more awesome this time. The girl of the duo wears these crazy high heels and dances while playing the keyboards. Seriously good show. Good enough to convince to buy their CDs this time 'round.

Ming & Ping came on afterwards. I guess I made an impression because just a wee bit into the opening song, he looked over at me and his eyes lit up with recognition and he jumped a bit in excitement (It was somewhat more obvious when after that song, he thanked people in Sacramento and San Francisco). The monkey guy recognized me immediately and fist bumped me when he got on stage.

Their music is seriously awesome. It's like it's all hook and it just stays in your head. It's made for great music in the car.

Freezepop came on afterwards and had a smidge of sound issues, but nothing they couldn't work out. Unfortunately, the other Sean T. Drinkwater had eaten something bad and wasn't in a really good mood. On top of that, they'd been playing constantly and had just driven down from Portland, OR that night. They cut their show a little short, but no big deal.

At the appropriate part of Super Sprode:
when we play a show
it's good to know
you are in the crowd
we hear you scream so loud
you like to dance
and take a chance
so throw your undies on the stage

zetshia_gudani and I reached into my cargo pants and threw the panties on the stage. It got a great reaction from them. Liz said "That's a plethora of panties!" and proceeded to adorn the microphone stands with them.

Oh, and why little girl panties? Well, I wanted some of those really embarrassing little boy underwear with superheros or rockets or something, but they didn't have any suitable ones. And the next two lines of the song are:

no wait
you're underage

They cut Plastic Stars and "Strange" from their set list on account of Sean. They played an encore of "Less Talk More Rokk". Sean asked for a guitar pick. I yelled "I have a guitar" and held up my guitar hero guitar. Luckily, someone happened to have a pick in the audience.

They invited their tour members up and played "Feed the World" on account of their newest band member, Christmas. The chick from Aerodrone noticed my guitar and pulled it up on stage. Liz was playing with it during the song. It eventually found its way back to me after the song, but they weren't really doing encores after that.

One of the guys we were hanging out with (Tommy) wanted a picture with Liz, so I took one for him and I asked Liz to sign my guitar. I heard of Freezepop by thanks to Guitar Hero, so it seemed right somehow.

Ran into Ming almost immediately and he gave zetshia_gudani and I a giant hug. I mentioned the guitar and Ming advised me to hurry up and get Sean to sign it before he passed out. Sean signed on the frets. Christmas signed and was super awesome. Bananas Foster took the guitar and asked if I had a PS3 or a 360. I mentioned that I had both and he said "Me too. I'm going to sign my gamertag!"

Bought Aerodrone CDs and chatted a bit about Southern California (they said they were from "Los Angeles" and "San Diego" over the course of their set). They record in LA and live in San Diego. I asked whereabouts and they said they lived just North of there, so I said "Oh, like Oceanside?"

And suddenly, I was their best friend in the world! They're actually from "RB" -- Rancho Bernardo.

Hung around a bit, but they had to clean up and close out. Found out that even Ming & Ping's drummer recognized us which is just crazy because he doesn't interact with the crowd at all.

Anyway, we were super thirsty, so we popped back to the car and then drove up to the Del Taco up the street. On our way back, we drove by the club. Liz & Sean were walking out and waved at us as we passed.

In summation, seriously awesome evening. I wish they had another show around here again. Freezepop did promise they'd make it back to SF at that show. There's no way it'll be soon enough though.

Now, I have to stop writing this rambly, stream-of-consciousness entry, and get to sleep. Work tomorrow's going to suck.

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