Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Dead Rising 2 came out yesterday. So few games capture me anymore, but that one has not lost the magic. I was up shamefully late -- or should I say, early? -- playing it. I completely flubbed the beginning. When you're on a motorcycle and you see ramps, I thought it was a given that going up the ramp entitles you to turn in midair and come back down.

No such luck, so I had to endure taunting the whole time about how a motocross star should've been MUCH better at killing zombies with chainsaws strapped to the handlebars of his motorcycle.

The hardest bit is that I want to try and save everyone. There's way bigger fish to fry, but I still find myself running around trying to save everyone.

This, of course, was the perfect set up to tonight in which I attempt to rock myself to death. Aerodrone, Ming & Ping, and Freezepop have a concert in Sacramento, so I'm zipping out of work early, driving two hours, dancing and flailing for an undefined period of time, and driving back.

The last concert was awesome, but Freezepop wasn't as awesome as they should've been because of the worst case of sound guy failure ever. I have high hopes for this one.

The only bummer is that I can't reasonably take off earlier. If I could, I could hit this awesome steak place up there. And while the steaks are awesome, the payoff's really the dessert: this magical thing called "Godfather Pie".

It's pretty much a deal I can't refuse!

In mostly unrelated news, my Halloween costume is very nearly complete. But due to a couple of promises, I can't really say anything about it yet. Let's just say I haven't looked forward to a costume this much since I was Princess Leia.

In other news, I completely neglected to mention last weekend! I finally got fed up by the trim on the buttresses of the MR2 and got to the boneyard to start tearing old ones apart for the bits I needed. More importantly, I finally got under the dash to take care of that pernicious headlight issue.

And I found this baby waiting for me:

Yowch! Well, it's nothing that a screwdriver, soldering iron, and 14 gauge wire can't fix.

So far it's been fine, but I keep half expecting that particular gremlin to come back at any moment.

The other nice bit: my bearings have started to wear out again and this means that the time has at last come to do some serious work on the suspension. Oh, how I've longed to feel that vibration at 40mph!

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