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13:39 <&root> It's likely I will be the only person there… - CERisE's Testing for L

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September 9th, 2010

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01:46 pm
13:39 <&root> It's likely I will be the only person there wearing a beret or 
13:39 <&root> Goggles.  Definitely.
13:40 < ctw> It's a Dr. Steel show, dude.
13:40 <&root> It's San Francisco.
13:40 <&root> People SUCK in San Francisco.
13:40 <&root> There will be thousands of trilbys.
13:40 < ctw> That's what I hear, yeah. :)
13:40 <&root> Possibly a fedora or two.
13:40 <&root> No one will wear goggles because that's just TOO weird.
13:41 <&root> Anyway, I can guarantee that I will also be wearing a Captain 
              Marvel-esque shirt.
13:41 <&root> and no one else is that cool.
13:41 <&root> Even if someone happened to read Dresden Codak
13:41 <&root> they'd wear one of the other shirts
13:41 <&root> Probably the stupid "I will do science to it" shirt.
13:42 <&root> Anyway, if I catch anyone else wearing goggles, I will be forced 
              to destroy them.
13:43 <&root> I hate copycats.
13:43 <&root> They're like lolcats but they aren't cute and they aren't funny.
13:43 <&root> They're like all the stupid on a stupid web page.
13:44 <&root> I WILL be the only person with a handlebar moustache.  I don't 
              think anyone's caught up to that yet.
13:44 < c4> Your mom is the only person with a handlebar moustache

(Some things were changed in this to protect the innocent. Please don't mention those details to retain the surprise.)

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Date:September 9th, 2010 09:01 pm (UTC)
i invited ores to come to see avatar with us since it's back in imax. he asked if he can wear a costume. my party said we don't give a shit, sure do it. he says:

[ores] i'm going as col. quaritch of course
[ores] here's a pic: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/attachments/radicons-customs/27136268d1261938780-avatar-amp-suit-colonel-quaritch-amp-2.jpg

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